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  • Thanx for the fuzzy blue thong frubal.
    And for furbling bacon dog.
    And for the video without people fruble.
    And for froobing advice to Wu Wei.
    And for the Goofy v Pluto planetary frubary.
    And for fruballing heinous pronunciation on "heinous".
    And for the internet providing puppet sex frubal.
    And for froubing the Flying Ravioli Monster.
    And for the lusty martyr's virgin frubin.
    Thanx for frooballing the who at the what.
    And for the Bible v Star Trek frubal.
    And for the fishie tool using frubing.
    And for froubing what's most interesting.
    And for the iminent lightning strike frubal.
    And for furballing Zoidberg's vesion of tai chi.
    And for the blasphemy frubie.
    And for flurbing my prediction.
    And for the waifish frubish.
    I wish I could support you in the DIR thread orion made. about science being occult.
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    Reactions: Woberts
    I am confident that Orion doesn't understand valence electrons.
    I am confident I do understand how they work. I am also confident that you are unable to read or spell LOL. Anyways I posted it in the debate section, feel free to try me there. But you should know, it being related to the occult is very important as it's relative to the LHP dir
    Carbon molecules have more than 6 electrons, when they form bonds with other carbon atoms. carbon based life is a mark of the beast sounds like you are taking a coincidence at attaching meaning to it. The threads were fine with one Popeadope but many have seemed to fill his place with their own convoluted theories of imaginary correlations/
    Thanx for fruballing the burly daddy type.
    And for the weightless unbeliever fruber.
    And for the cuddle free fruble.
    And for fruobing the unspeakable.
    And for the heavily armed bishop frubop.
    And for the thick burger fruber.
    And for furballing the impending divorce.
    And for the speed record setting Godwin's Law frubal.
    Sorry it took so long to reply! I do like the idea of DnD and always wanted to play it :)

    I am a solitary druid though, not belonging to any order. How about you? :)
    Thanks for the frube on Only Atheists can be Truly Moral
    And the paradoxical winner gong on There is no Truth...
    Thanx for the most happy bargain industrial quality price frubal !
    And for fruballing contractors showing up this morn!
    And for enfroobling science not having all the questions!
    And for the Americastan first furball !
    And for the fossilized flurble!
    And for fruballing spicy tweets!
    And for the scaly frubly!
    And for the boobie & pratfall froobie.
    Thanx for fruballing atheists disliking holocausts!
    And for the reduced post count frubal !
    And for furballing milk spraying from Ymir's nose!
    And for the gluttony for punishment frubment!
    And for froobing impeachment discussion!
    And for the infraction loaded flurble!
    And for frooblering vacuuming all that dust!
    And for furballing my favorite uniform!
    Thanx for froobing 20 pages of wow!
    And for the dragon balls frubal !
    And for fruballing debate v discussion!
    And for the dian xin flurble!
    And for furballing non-dismissed discussion of socialism.
    (What is wrong with staff to behave so badly, eh.)
    And for flurrbing the world's largest haggis!
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