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  • Adramelek said I should befriend you,
    and I said,
    she already is my friend.
    And he said... no.... you're not on her friends list.

    And I said, "really"? :D
    As a sentient being I have my own perception of reality. I'm the master of my perception therefore I am the god of my subjective universe. That is as deep as it goes, there's nothing else that could be said about that. LHP-Pantheism = the universe is it's own master and I am my own master.
    So the LHP aspect is the fact that you are a god of your own perceptive universe? That is an interesting concept. Can you elaborate?
    Hello there good sir. I saw that you consider yourself a LHP-Pantheist. I consider myself a pantheist of sorts and I was wondering if you could explain the Left Hand aspect to your pantheism.
    Ave Twig pentagram!

    I don't know if you would be interested or not, but the current High Priestess of the Temple of Set, the only Left-Hand Path religious institution fully recognized by the United States government, is a black woman - Magistra Patty Hardy.
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