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  • Ah I see; why do you no longer see the validity in it, or in the validity of advocating the Noahide movement to non-Jews? :)
    Hey TheKnight; question: doy ou still consider yourself as Noahide or have you become Jewish? Was wondering as your religion has been Judaism for a while, ans I was wondering if a Noahide DIR would be any use here.
    I resurrected an old thread of yours on here and hope you have a chance to respond! I've been looking into Judaism for a while now but Noahidism seems a near perfect fit and I would love a chance to ask more questions, if you have the time. :)
    hehe well jews that dont accept the bnei noah should perhaps read the torah, even if its the first time. Its not that they would have to read all books. Just a bit Genesis and they should understand the reason of the bnei noah.

    as a non-chabad jew iam happy to see some bnei noah here :)
    just so you know that not only chabadians(copyright to me) find it nice that you are there

    also kind of sad that bnei noah aren't allowed to post in the jewish part of the forum

    take care
    Knight I think I posted my reply wrong. If you go to my profile, you will see the reply on the public messages. Sorry about that.
    I wish I could frubal you for creating the Bnai Noach Social Group. Cudos, my friend.
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