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  • You're probably reading about MOND (MOdified Newtonian Dynamics) or TeVeS (tensor, vector, scalar) hypotheses -- they successfully predict the distribution of matter in galaxies; but they have been fairly harshly falsified by clearly demarcated matter/dark matter objects like the Bullet Cluster (which simultaneously pretty well vindicates the existence of exotic non-EMR-interacting matter).
    IMO, it was because they as a nation didn't repent of either of these: animosity towards each other (which I believe is the most commonly-held view) or that the general condition of Judah as described by Malachi which may have resurfaced. After all, the previous two exiles ended when they repented because of their sins. Given the general hostility between sects for the duration of the exile, along with the rise of Reform and secular Judaism, I attribute the end of the exile as an act of mercy by God.

    Jesus' message was delivered about 30 AD. At that time, it would be about a generation later that Jerusalem fell. Furthermore, Israelites aren't so much "rebellious" as not recognizing his Messiahship. I'm sure that if Jesus came back in the sight of everyone, everyone in Israel–heck, almost the entire world–would accept him as king.
    I'll re-read it. Whether he was annointed or not, how, and where, does he reign? If he is truly the King, where is his kingdom?

    Are you referring to the Revelation to John? Nothing in it referred to an exile.
    Oh, no no no, I did away with those years ago. It's just that Yashua did not fulfill each messianic prophecy, and there was so much editing of his actual life (for example, the Gospel of John) that it's difficult to determine what about him was made up and what was not. Furthermore, I see his cry on the cross as a self-realization that he was not who he thought he was. I may be missing something, but no prophecies I can think of say that the King/Mosiach would be killed. Add to that the fact that he hasn't returned in over 2,000 years—surely more than enough time to go through each town of Israel—and I can't find any reason to believe that he is the Mosiach when he hasn't done anything. Unless you count his baptism, he hasn't been anointed, and he certainly does not rule the world.

    I don't mind discussing it if you want.
    Um, wouldn't the Tanakh be monalatristic? Henotheism accepts the worship of other gods. While (imo) not deadly for those who don't know God, it's certainly condemned numerous times (You shall have no other gods besides me).
    Just to let you know I don't have any disrespect for you. Your views....yes but not you. I get heated in certain scientific aspects. Just to let you know I don't bear you any ill will.
    So I was reading your posts in a thread about Genesis 1:26 and I'm curious about your views.
    :confused: Seems I've been inattentive lately, didn't even notice you were'nt on my friend list...
    Hey man, I was sorry they closed the Maternal Lineage thread, but we pretty much got as far as we were going to on that one.
    Thanks man, According to what you put up there I'd say that is more than a logical conclusion. :)
    I'm glad to read your posts and what you've contained in them.....
    You are a more forceful than I would be,
    But sometimes it takes a different means to get others to understand.
    So always, thanks for your sharing.
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