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Monk Of Reason
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  • Thanks for the well informed, well thought out responses to my posts. We differ in opinion on the gun topic. But I value and enjoy the exchange of thoughts.
    I'm very impressed with the line you are taking with godnotgod in Chopstick vs. Dawkins. You are on very, very solid ground and are to be commended. Godnotgod, not so much, like most charlatans...
    Just went to horror nights last night btw lol
    Went on a non peak night (wed night), but it was still hella fun xP
    Paid 60+tax for an express pass though. Haunted houses had wait times longer than 50 minutes, some 90 minutes so a fast pass is Deff a must. You wait like 10 min xP
    I haven't gone in a few years cause its always crowded/expensive hotels, but I got time off work on a wed-friday, so im going thursday night. The annual pass I have recently got updtaed to include discounts at univ hotels so thats why im going lol 100$ a night at their new resort is pretty dam cheap. But let me know dude, Ill buy ur tix and u can donate me the $ via paypal.
    aye ^ you must be near melb. You traveling man you xP
    oh uhm, btw if you and a friend/spouse want univ tix let me know. Or halloween horror nights tix. I renew my annual pass every year so I can purchase cheap tix with it online.
    Born in Coral Springs. Lived around the area until 10, then moved to palm beach. Im west, west palm beach, wellington area now lol
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