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  • Hey friend Octavia long time no see. I've been doing just fine thanks, how about you? = )
    this and that.... turning my life inside-out!
    What I appreciated most from MiTaP was his suggestion that ceremony was, at its best, spontaneous and heartfelt. I can't remember the actual quote, but there was one section where he recalled that singing some obscure song ( something about Greenland's icy waters ?) was the only possible way to complete some operation he was doing, though he could not give any sensible explanation as to why. I think that was a clue he was giving out about his real attitude - that the ceremony was about the state of the practitioner, not in itself intrinsically powerful.
    Glad to hear from another fan of RAW. He was a fine human. Unencumbered by a need for certainty.
    (Forgive my delayed response btw. I get sidetracked ).
    Regarding religion and jokes - I'm glad you appreciated the remark. I can't take credit for it though - that goes to Robert Anton Wilson. I think - it may have been Bob Dobbs re the Church of the Subgenius ? Btw, I thought Magick in Theory and Practice was a classic. Read it numerous times over a decade or two. He's no madder than most geniuses, LOL.
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