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Frater Sisyphus

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  • Thanks for granting me a "winner" in the post "how did you become interested in mysticism"
    You have a nice avatar picture of the peacock reminding me of Hindu story of Subramaniam
    and a nice name "Frater Sisyphus"; never heard about that, sounds a bit mystic
    Thanx for fruballing the cultural appropriation Poe!
    And for the pulled pork sammich pair frubal !
    And for furballing God abhorring nudity!
    And for the donutastic frubyl !
    And for fruballing the re-greeting!
    And for the factual frubual!
    And for fruubling giant pies!
    And for the Disenchantment frubment.
    And for frooballing Qolumbus.
    Thanx for froobing combining business & religion!
    And for the unappealing frubal !
    And for frubal being able to read Rival's posts!
    And for the social good of porn flurble!
    And for flurbing teaching children about Hell !
    And for the missing link frubol !
    Hey, thanks for the funny frubal! (I like that you are from "an unlocated location"... that's right, keep those Jungian pursuits off the grid!)
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    Reactions: Frater Sisyphus
    Frater Sisyphus
    Frater Sisyphus
    Lol, you're welcome. I keep the Jungian pursuits in triangles and my internet connections in a very eccentric grids ;)
    Thanx for froobilling the welcome limerick with burgers!
    And for the bearded frubal !
    And for furballing the sulfurous aroma!
    And for the spaghetti western frubern!
    And for froubing inclusiveness training so very many times!
    And for the unbureaucratic flurble!
    And for flourbing my not abandoning Xianity!
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