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  • no im pakistani but yes most people around markaz area are gukrait but really it doesn't make a difference
    Well I tried to log on a couple of months ago (to show someone a thread), but was still unable to. Then I got a friends request, tried to log in and it let me...I'm guessing someone updated the code for the forum, and it 'reset'
    I even tried to send PMs to you but it was full or something, at that time. I'm really glad you are back, because everytime i see one of your old posts, i was wondering what happened to you, and i didn't know how to contact you. You don't know how happy i'm to see you again brother. :)
    I don't believe it. You are finally back??!!! I'm "The Truth" if you still can remember!
    Hi Nehustan!

    I apologize on behalf of the staff of RF that you were locked out for so long. If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know. :)

    Welcome back. :flower:
    I wasn't here when you were active but I read posts of yours. Welcome back. I can't wait to read your, isA, new posts.
    I am doing well alhamdulillah!
    It's weird that you had been locked out :confused: Alhamdulillah you managed to return back :)
    Congratulations for being accepted at one of best universities in UK!! Wishing you all the best!
    I was locked out of the forum, some eternal loop thing. I contacted the admin but they ignored me. Then today I received a friend request and when I logged in my account had been reset. Kids are fine. Finished my degree, starting a MSc in Sept focusiing on psychiatry and Islam at one of the best Universities in the UK.

    How have you been???
    Assalamu `alaikum brother,

    Happy to see you back :) It has been a looooooooooooong time.... where have you been? Hope everything is ok with you. Hope your cute kids masha'Allah are doing well :)
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