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  • Hi Freedom. Yes, it's a new change we made to frubals a little while ago, and it applies to everyone. We changed things so that the number of frubals a person will have will be equal to the number of frubal comments they got.

    Meaning, if someone was given a frubal 20 times since they joined, then their frubals will show up as 20. Only thing is since there are also 10 by default when you register, the number increases by ten, so it'd be actually 30. So your frubals are still the same, we just changed the value system.
    Oh, you are welcome. =D It's okay, I don't need anymore. Starting to get heavy.
    If that keeps up I will soon have enough frubals to cover Lichtenstein. I once walked through it to the AUstrian border from Switzerland and that took less than an hour. thanks
    Merry Christmas or whatever to you too! ;)

    We celebrate as many of the December Holidays as we can.
    Solstice is special to us... and we really get into Kwanzaa, what a beautiful practice.
    Buddha's enlightenment at the beginning of the month, and hope in Hanukkah....
    And most certainly the date Jesus' birth is celebrated on,
    showing how the Divine can be born into our lives at any moment.

    The Spirit of the Season isn't particular in our house hold.

    Any day I can share love, peace and hope in the world is a good one.

    December is as good a time as any, and especially valuable for filling up the tank for the coming year.

    Blessings :namaste
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