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Jul 19, 2014
Jul 15, 2013
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On Xtended Vacation

yoda89 was last seen:
Jul 19, 2014
    1. yoda89
      I've decided to take a break from this site. I wanted to write this out here instead of posting it. A message to myself since its unlikely anyone will see it. I don't know if and when I will be back. I have enjoyed my time here. I have learned much from all of you. Entering the site as a new atheist I was upset. I felt like I had been lied to. Now to actually trying to be respectful (No one is perfect).I have incorporated others ideals into my own. This has been an outlet for self-discovery.

      I've seen people I truly enjoyed talking to leave. Some got banned some just never got back on. I miss the conversations with them. I truly hope they are okay. Just as I will miss many of you and hope you remain well.

      As my posts fade back underneath new threads I will still be searching. As I hope they do because I have said some stupid things. Although, I believe some were wise. Remember all those who are wander are not lost and to live long and prosper. Plus those things Yoda said.

    2. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      Yes, a lot of it is based on relatively simple psychological explanations for things like deities. By recognizing that gods are projections of the ego, we simply internalize it and thereby become our own gods. We recognize that the things we beg gods for are within ourselves and so we turn within. It's similar to Jungian archetypes.
    3. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      Thank you very much. :D
    4. Sha'irullah
      Why THANK YOU! Now gimme my B-day present fool! Gimme gimme gimme!
    5. savagewind
      LOL. It is good. Thank you
    6. savagewind
      Skippy? LOL You lost me Must I google Skippy?
    7. savagewind
      You're welcome. Do I annoy people with my definitions? I am sure I do. Do I care? I am sure I do not.
    8. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Its free on Amazon Prime
    9. Iti oj
      Iti oj
    10. RayJeena
      Me too. And that quote of his just says it all, imo! :)
    11. NoraSariah
      I know you haven't seen it 1 million times. You've seen it only 999,999 times, right? xD
    12. Ouroboros
      Thank you so much for your comment. Now I finally feel that I made the right choice to join this website earlier this year. Finding minds with equal thoughts, that's what I need to find my own path. We all are lights, but it won't be of any help for anyone unless we can help light the dark paths for each other.
    13. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the Aqua Team frubie!
    14. Titanic
      Main scripture of the church Of Brian Griffin, all members must accept Brian into their hearts and they shall be saved. Saved as in going to Quahog forever in the afterlife. You got the means? I'll have the scriptures and rules. Cheers!
    15. Ouroboros
      Thank you, thank you, for the frub and the dancing badger!
    16. Titanic
      Well what can I say, Brian Griffin is my favorite character from Family Guy.
    17. Sha'irullah
      Your welcome, next time I will remember not to increase your ego so much :D
    18. Sha'irullah
    19. Titanic
      Thanks for the info.
    20. Titanic
      Hilarious! That really brighten my night! LOL.... Erm it was below freezing.
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    There's a difference between keeping an open mind and believing something because you want it to be true.- T'Pol