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  • Actually i was going to say 1million and 1 so ha:D. Cheer me up it did thanks
    That has to be one of my top 3 movies. Your quote below is from from silver linings playbook. I even remember the scene. I have seen it a million times. Well not a million times. But you know.
    Hey, Nora.

    I saw your question in the Methodist DIR. I'm not a Methodist, so I can't post there, but I have your answer:

    The word "catholic" means "universal", so when churches that aren't part of the Catholic Church say they believe in "one holy catholic and apostolic church", they're referring to their belief that the Christian church is universal, not that they support the Pope and all that.
    You hath accepted me as your friend? Oh MARRY ME NoraSariah!
    I am a little broke so forgive me if I do not have a wedding ring :biglaugh:
    HELLO! Welcome to the forums sister. I hope you have a splendid time here. Just avoid the creeps, weirdos, pervs, nerds and morons........... ah hell. Just avoid everybody :D
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