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  • I was actually wondering why you like that photograph. Maybe it's because I look qualified as a baby sitter. hehe, joke!:p
    LOL! Thanks? She's definitely the cuter one. I don't think I look bad, but SHE is absolutely gorgeous.
    Those aren't me, that's literally my girlfriend :p Hope your exams go well, I just took mid-terms myself!
    Your links still aren't working for me, darling. They just keep bringing me to Google. Are you just messing with me? ;)
    thank you .lava. i am quite the opposite of the ladies you see wearing revealing clothes or clothes that show more than needs to be seen although i still don't think these women deserve it either. this hasn't been the first time it's happened to me and i am conscious about what i wear these days. i'll say one thing though, i'll never ever work at any place that sells mostly alcohol. that may have been my most major mistake.
    I'm fine, thanks! :) A few months ago our dog died suddenly .... that was very sad for me and my wife. He was like our child! He was young, only six years old ... but that is how life goes. But life in general is happy for us.

    How are you?
    I thought your avatar was from Yu-Gi-Oh, sorry :D My mistake. Yu Gi Oh is an animated TV show, similar to pokemon.
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