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  • When you get a chance, please find the sign in thread in the Art Fair Forum and sign in. :) That will let everyone know who is on the Committee.
    Where have you been? I have been on MSN a lot more lately. Guess you don't love me anymore. :( ;)
    .lava, you were helpful, seriously.

    You're one of the two who bothered to answer me in the first place :D
    Wa'alikum assalam lava,
    My nation is generally well although every day the remnants of the past regime try to cause a new problem in the country to defame the revolution but thank God every time, it passes without severe damage. God protected this revolution and He protects this country. All their attempts to abort the revolution have failed, by the mercy of God. :)
    I'm well, thank you. It's good to see you again. Looking forward to catching up with people here on the forum!
    Yes, I did intend to. I hugged some people when I got back that I remembered fondly. I still don't have all my hugs out. :p
    Thank you lava. It's only the start. The way to struggle has just begun. May God protect this country.
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