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  • I am doing all right. Things are hectic around the house, because we are painting, so I am sleeping in my living room.
    Of course you are always remembered dear lava, for we are sisters in Islam :)
    Eh, I've been better. Been pretty depressed for a while. I'll be going back to school after a long break in August. Happy about that. Overall I think things are going okay, I'm just impatient to get back I guess. :) How are you oh Super Moderator Supreme? :p
    Yes, our college requires 6 years for graduation, so hopefully at the end of this year, I will scream and say "at laaaaaaaast!!!". But actually it's going to be only an end to the beginning. After graduation, I have a long way in studies and career. God be with me! :)
    Oh, I see. Good, focus on your exams. Good look my dear. :)
    This is the time of end year exams here as well, except for my college. :) Our exams will be I believe in December. So, I still have the time to organize myself. This is my last year in college, so I hope it ends well.
    Salamu alikum lava,
    Where have you disappeared? I haven't seen you participating lately. How are you doing?
    I miss you. I thought that was implied. Maybe I just have more trouble showing my affection towards women, than I do towards men. :p
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