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Mr Spinkles
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  • And for flurbing "reallocation".
    And for the choice in Nov 2020 fluorlb.
    And for furballing the risks to BLM goals.
    And for the secret atheist handshake furball.
    And for furballing beliefs vs feelings & trying'm on for size.
    And for the optimum taxation level froobel.
    And for phlurbing $3k/mo for 350'sq.
    And for the Happy Festivus phoorble.
    Thanx for the single payer fruber.
    And for flurbing trusting epidemiologists in public health matters.
    And for the Harris making her own way in the world frubold.
    And for furballing that BLM should like Rand Paul.
    And for the Mayo Clinic info frubo.
    And for foolbring another dangerous peaceful post.
    And for the understanding the other side furball.
    Thanx for the faux compassion fruble!
    Thanx for froobing a range of presidential sanctions.
    And for the presidential preference fruberence.
    And for flurbing being deemed not removed from office.
    And for the impeachment trial's language vs reality frubity.
    And for furballing Trump's echo chamber.
    And for the differing views on the draft furball.
    I suppose you're quite proud of the way you shamelessly devoured an innocent, unsuspecting turkey this past Thursday, you...you insensitive brute!
    Indeed, life goes on, who knows, you might end up getting a better job than what you were expecting and this is just a de tour. :) life is great. I moved from Saudi Arabia permanently and now i'm living and working in Dubai.
    You're a genius and yet you have to pay the same taxes I do. Ha ha ha! Genius gets you nowhere!

    Dear Spinkles. Thank you very much for the frubal! It is appreciated and I love your name btw ;)
    "In short: Bell's theorem implies locality. Violations of Bell's theorem imply nonlocality. You realize this, right?"
    How did I miss that this was one of his mistaken impressions? It accounts for so much. I owe you.
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