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  • Thanx for the Canuckistanian knowledge of Ameristanian history frubory.
    And for flurbing that former Nazis should cut people slack.
    And for the full of hate God furball.
    And for froobing unfamiliar food to open up the sluices.
    And for the flutist frubist
    And for froubling not dwelling on novelty.
    And for the intent vs forgetting frubing.
    Thanx for the tiger & toddler frubler.
    And for froobing abortion rights.
    And for the temporary President frubident.
    And for fruballing the noble savage myth.
    And for the media called on the carpet furball.
    And for flurbing the non-acceptance of Hillary's record.
    And for the free market flurble.
    Thanx for the mathematical frubical !
    And for fruballing permissive divorce!
    And for the Vonnegut quotes frubal.
    And for froobing backward animals.
    And for the random inputs to a stochastic process flurble.
    And for flurbing the vile rumor I started.
    And for the nothing to argue over fruber.
    And for furrbling Darwin vs Darrow.
    Ohh, ahhh.... the first to comment. :)
    Just thought I'd pop by and tell you how nice it is to have another contributor who actually has a firm grasp of reality and knows what they are talking about. Welcome to the nuthouse collectively known as RF. Looking forward to more of your posts.
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