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  • Thanks for the like and winner frubes on Can i make another derogatory thread against God and Christianity?
    Thanx for the seeing merit in the other side frubal.
    And for the antic paint flurball.
    And for froobling constitutional protection of offensive speech.
    And for the boneheaded comment vs election frubil.
    And for flurbing toe fungus creme on the toothbrush.
    Thank you for frubling the proper look for food handling occupations and the winner frube on Are divorced women supposed to live alone?
    Thanx for fruballing Trump's not changed behavior.
    And for floorlbing planting trees.
    And for the being a jerk by choice frubal.
    And for the grounds for firing frubering.
    And for flurbing impeachment being political rather than criminal.
    And for the meaningless Pledge Of Allegiance froobiance.
    And for fuurlbing religious prudery masquadering as a human rights issue.
    Thanx for froobling the lack of statistical reasoning.
    And for the love affair with capitalism frubism.
    And for flurbing religion & hate.
    And for the opinion vs fact frubal.
    And for foulbring the problems of representing gravity.
    And for the not soon settle gender issues frooblet.
    And for furballing fault vs responsibility in shooting down the plane.
    Thanx for the understanding consciousness froobness.
    And for flourbing seeking no answers.
    And for the theocratic socialism frubism.
    And for fooblring chance favoring the prepared mind.
    And for the various Trump sanctions fruble.
    And for furballing post primary viable visions.
    Thanks for ryhe winner on So Who Are The Adults Pulling The Strings of the Child Climate Change Protests?
    Thanks for the frube on So Why Did The Mass Shootings Occur This Last Weekend? Well I Gots The Answers
    Thanx for the Canuckistanian knowledge of Ameristanian history frubory.
    And for flurbing that former Nazis should cut people slack.
    And for the full of hate God furball.
    And for froobing unfamiliar food to open up the sluices.
    And for the flutist frubist
    And for froubling not dwelling on novelty.
    And for the intent vs forgetting frubing.
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