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  • Thank you for the pair of winners on Biden Thinks Climate Change More Threating Than Nuclear War
    I just want to let you know that I’m well aware of what religion does to hurt people, and no, my example of my atheist parents is not a reflection of all atheists. My mom chose circumcision for me as an infant not because she was religious but because she was afraid of infections. Have a good day EH.
    Hey young man, just know you have many friends here. If I come to Toronto, a beer or coffee is on me. I changed my vote to 'illness' regarding homophobia on the other thread because of this recent conversation. It really is sick how unaware these guys are. All the best.
    Do you have me on ignore? If yes, I accept that. :)
    I did for a long time. I removed all of my "ignores" a while ago. I still don't respond to several people who were on it, because I feel I might do more harm than good. You may take that how you like.
    Just wanted to say there are some appalling posts by some Bahai's in that thread, and I will challenge every single one I find.

    Some exceptional posts from you as well, and fair play for keeping your posts rational, and well reasoned in the face of relentless bigotry.
    Thanks for the funny frube on Atheist vs god.

    I was of course talking on bob the unbeliever (also known as bob of quantum faith) who has not posted here for some time
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