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  • Thanx for the support vs lesser of 2 evils frubil.
    And for flurbing prejudice against skeptics.
    And for the irrelevant mocking foreign powers froob.
    And for foolbring the intended audience of the mocking.
    And for the hybridized frubals froobe.
    And for floorbing Trump not praying in public.
    And for the telling new atheists all I know furball.
    Thanks for the frube on Absolute proof against the existence of God, as described in the Abrahamic religions
    Thanx for foolbring questionable "atheist" groups.
    And for the recovery from dishonesty frubesty.
    And for furballing useful explanations for physical phenomena.
    And for the prosecution of cops froobyl.
    Thanx for froobling 1-sided Mobius Ultra Soft TP.
    And for the lifelong atheism frubism.
    And for flurbing safety theater.
    And for the life's meaning frubing.
    And for foorlbing Catch-22 being subversive.
    And for the real bunnies in bunny chow froobal.
    And for floorbing more explanation in rule violation warnings.
    Thanks for the winner frube on Chairman Mao..er Coumo using National guard to confiscate ventilators from hospitals for redistribut
    Thanx for the fake Moon landing films frooble.
    And for flurbing the electioneering limerick.
    And for the halo over me noggin frubin.
    And for foulbring allowing people to post things we disagree with.
    And for the fixed hyperbolic post froobil.
    And for foobling what makes surgery electable.
    And for the not blaming China fruba.
    And for furballing personal preference for China vs USA.
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