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  • Green is "staff on sabbatical." I'm sort of vacationing long-term from actively posting a lot on RF for a while. So, to get a green name, you have to become staff and then stop posting actively :p
    I can confess to being nothing but an amateur in regards to writing. Lots of ideas knocking around, no idea how to get them out, no time to figure it out. Almost no time anyway... ;)
    Yeh I've been fairly distant from RF recently. I go through phases now, here all the time and then almost never. As opposed to a couple of years ago when I couldn't get away for a single day.
    Haha, thanks for the frube.
    Oh and happy birthday! (it's already your bday in Aus)
    I enjoyed the Kill Bill series. 5678's played the song in the first film. I thought they were an awesome girl band with a really energetic beat. Who hoo hoo made film music history. :0) Tx for frubing.
    FYI: I haven't responded mainly because I'm on answers that aren't either 1) too complicated (and difficult to write because of the mathematical & similar symbols required) or 2) the length of a short book. Brevity, in case you hadn't noticed, isn't my strong suit.
    Oh man I don't know why I like Die Antwoord so much, but I can't stop listening to them, hahaha.
    It isn't us, but I know 3 of the people involved either from teaching or is on the Board of Directors or the Advisory Board. That's cool you got an email from them!

    Rebecca Rivas is a good friend of mine, and she's been doing all these kinds of interdisciplinary community arts works for a while. I've been helping to bring these projects from the city of St. Louis out across the river to Illinois the last couple of years. She and I worked on a large production a few years ago where we bonded even more closely. Great group of people.
    I was actually shooting for 2 things:
    - To bump a penguin out of the top 5 posters.
    - To hit 30 posts/day.
    The new round of games & enthusiasm for them did the trick.
    I could die a happy fellow now.....but I'll postpone it.

    May your quest be at least as successful!
    I should apologize to you. It isn't you, but there is another poster who keeps asking questions that he knows have no answer. I just stupidly grouped you two together. Forgive me. :)
    I'm an information geek and watch too much History Channel and Science Channel. I don't get out much. :D
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