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  • Totally agree. I don't know how people can watch the stuff not knowing whether or not the actors are being abused, trafficked, controlled by pimps, whether they are underage, etc. If we were confident that was rarely if ever the case I'd see no problem with it. (Maybe that's why the connoisseurs I'm debating with are so passionate to argue this is rarely if ever the case, despite the evidence to the contrary).
    Actually, I think I used to be unaware of them myself until you posted a study. I do know a woman who occasionally escorts for a bit off money and she's not exactly meek - she doesn't tolerate abuse of any kind and works independently. However, she is a survivor of incest. She never lasts very long - she gets sick if penises and gets some other job. My previous opinion was based on what I know about my friend, and how much admire her.
    It has nothing to do with the questions (trust me on this one). I think that about 2/3 of the posts I write here I end up deleting. They're too long. Also, U tend to write a line, and then check to make sure I used the right term, or left something out, or whatever. And I end up reading books and papers for hours having long forgotten what I'd originally intended. That thread was actually a great reminder for me.
    I have them in several documents I have started and not finished for you. I really need to work on brevity. Do they have therapists for excessive wordiness syndrome?
    So you are a Metal Gear Solid fan? The riveting storyline is amazing, plus it is literally the first video game I ever played :)
    I read that several months ago (I think). Songbird created a thread based on the article. Hang on and I'll find the link.
    قد أكون عربي .أو قد أكون الكذب
    You shall never know who I am ;)
    A philosophical debate with ethics thrown in. I'd give a sarcastic response about that being a tough call, but it's hard communicate a "of course I'd be interested" tone via typed words. So I'll just say "I'm game".
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