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  • Hey Bruce,
    I just wanted to clearify my responce. I believe that truth can only be eternal because the actual reason for things cannot be found in the totality of existing things. I think we agree here. That is what I call god.
    I think without truth being eternal there is no such thing as truth. I think that is why it is hard for me to recognize your statement that truth is reletive. I was not trying to ignore what you were saying. Thanx for the constructive conversation.
    I saw that you live in Maryland, but may I ask where to be exact? Thanks.
    I have a very very good griend who is a Bahai'. He works at the church in Jerusaleum and has been their now I think for 15 years or so. Thank you so much for you input.....it was very helpful.

    May you go in peace and in God's grace.
    Hey Bruce thank you so much for your responses to my questions. I am really grateful for you taking your time to answer my questions and was wondering if you could maybe expand on a few points if you had the time.

    What are your religion's espected duties to serve your neighbor, community and God?
    How is this done?
    How have you served in your community?

    Thank you in advance.
    Friend BruceDLimber,
    It is the other way round.
    like to see myself on yours.
    Love & rgds
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