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  • hi :) you have a funny picture there (that man in red) have you replied my latest post for you? seems threads go fast and i think i might be missing replies. so let me know if i did.
    You cant. If you are talking about me being on Enoch07's ignore list - I know this because he told me in a thread that he is putting me on his ignore list. And ever since then he has not responded to most of my posts.
    Curses Ill get you to answer the question on way or another rofl. What is your opinion of the supernatural caught on audio/video equipment? Surely you have seen a few episodes of Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi channel.
    Hi Beaux,

    The System *curse you System!* will not allow me to frubal you right now but I just have to tell you that appreciate your clear thinking on so many issues, and also your great wit.

    Cheers, luna
    You're quite welcome! :D
    (sorry this is a bit delayed...I moved and didn't have internet for a while :eek: )
    Wise, tiny, winged and sexy?

    I see you've got a head start with your whoring skills!
    So.....Would you like to be my friend?


    My girlfriend is pastafarian as well. :flirt:

    Are you all yummy?
    Perhaps I should start a thread. :D
    Not much. Trying to get back in the habit of engaging with the real world. How about you?
    How did I miss welcoming you to the forum? Welcome! :foryou:

    Anyway, I just stopped by to say I'm sorry I was a bit pissy with you at first. I'm really starting to like you, especially your sense of humor. That line about "plurally unimpressive" made me lol literally, a rare feat.

    Glad to have you here, and hope you accept my apology!
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