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Jan 20, 2018
Sep 25, 2007
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December 28


StarChild, Female, from Texas

Stellify was last seen:
Jan 20, 2018
    1. Caladan
      Hey Stelly! Happy birthday and a big juicy Mazal tov wherever you are! have a great day! :D
    2. monta
      I didn't stop myself :biglaugh: he is struggling to try and get someone to lose the plot, poor lamb
    3. Buttons*
      Redmond :)
    4. Comet
      I've been lazy too, no worries... I'll email soon. Say "hi" to Ashers for me!
    5. Madhuri
      Thank you :-)
    6. Buttons*
      I miss ewe too! I'm going to probably get internet again after today... but it's tricky, because we have the connection, we need to set up the router and download the internet into one of our computers... we don't know if the CD will work on my mac, and Chris's computer is down for the count. (for a while anyway) but yes, that is the current state of things, but hopefully it'll all work out. :)
    7. .lava
      hi :) you are so kind and i am thankful for your concern. thank you, Stellify :)
    8. Buttons*
      First off, I LOVE your new avatar!!!! OMG adorable! I'll tell you about my sig ;) I think it will be my next tattoo. :D But I'll tell you more about it when I have my internet again and we can skype. Love you!

      *glomp* ;)
    9. Vile Atheist
      Vile Atheist
      Years ago, I used to be a Catholic and slighty after that a Baptist fundamentalist. I had an old RF account under the name KPereira. I eventually stopped coming to RF because I was struggling with whether I should remain Christian or become an agnostic, after being convinced by a few people with very good arguments I could not answer for. It was a struggle, but I eventually became an atheist and now I'm back on because I like the RF environment, I find the people to be of (usually) high intelligence, they are friendly and respectful for the most part, and a lot of good topics come up.
    10. Caladan
      Yes.. i'm really looking forward to see the restoration work done on some of the pottery we found, also cleaning the coinage we found, etc.
    11. Comet
      Went fishing and camping in Montana for 5 days. It was great, unfortunately I'm back to work now..... YUCK! Drop me an email to let me know how you are soon.... I'll try to do the same.
    12. Caladan
      Ah, I think you'll manage to float above the water ;)

      btw, daydreaming is good, its what keeps us going, and eventually at some point perhaps even wakeup one day to find ourselves where our dream has taken us. melodramatic? sure maybe, but its the spice of life.

      Yes, the wine press actually was like an injection of a whole new level of energy to the excavation, the BA students suddenly got on site before 7 AM, and started digging without me having to throw any word. it was uplifting, surprising, enlightening, and we have not got to the bottom of its entire meaning yet. you can see the wine press somewhere in the video and my thread, it is decorated with mosaics, and bears an anarchronistic Greek inscription.
    13. Caladan
      How's school coming along? are you enjoying psychology?

      My lecturer offered me to deal with periods/cultures such as the Byzantines, Hellenistic, Roman, early Arab, Samaritan, Crusaders
      I'll have a more in depth talk with him about it.
      we've actually unearthed an impressive Byzantine wine press this season, pretty cool stuff.
    14. Comet
      Hey SEXY! Been too long indeed, been on vacation myself. Glad to see you on!
    15. Caladan

      Great to see that you have checked in ;)
      I have been good, as you can see here: :D YouTube - Apollonia (Arsuf) Archaeological Project- 2009 Season- Tel Aviv University and here: http://www.religiousforums.com/forum/jobs-careers/82804-excavating-apollonia-arsuf-phoenicians-crusaders-whats.html

      I was accepted for my Master's (in archaeology) and basically had a great and fun season of excavation and got a scholarship for it and topics offers for the master's.

      How have you been? and what keeps you busy? ;)
      either way, im happy that you stopped by RF, and sent me back a note!
    16. Caladan
      Heye Stellify!

      Havent seen you around for some time now. I hope all is well. and would love to hear from you and see you post again on the boards!

      All the best, Dan
    17. Comet
      If you would just marry me, we could adopt the most beautiful children! :)

      Hope you are well my dear
    18. Comet
      Mmmmm.... *long snuggle* I miss talking to you! I'll send you a text soon to say "hello"! Till the next time I run into you: XOXOXOX! MUAH! Take care, my dear... hope all is well.
    19. Comicaze247
      Yeah, I noticed in your pictures that you're a psychology major (sounds weird to say :p). I'm hoping to go to Alliant International, but it's about $75,000 a year :(
    20. Comet
      MUAH! BIG SMOOCH for you to come back to! :)
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    December 28


    "but from this endless end
    of briefer each our bliss--
    where seeing eyes go blind
    (where lips forget to kiss)
    where everything's nothing
    --arise,my soul;and sing"
    ~E. E. Cummings
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