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  • Lol, maybe :p. Have a friend on the other side of the world, though, and it works. I just have to stay up late... but then again I am a night owl, lol.
    Ohhh, sorry, forgot to respond erlier, lol. That is an about 7 hour difference then, here is it 8:30 at the moment. I have to scream really high!
    Hehehe, ah well, it was worth a shot. :p

    How would you do the community thing? Sub-forums on here? Or am I misunderstanding? :)
    If you're offering to move me into a state where it's EST, then I will happily oblige. ;)
    Hey, I'm EST as well, but most counties in Indiana used to actually not participate in daylight savings time. Was kind of cool, but would throw me off when I wanted to watch a tv show, only to realize I had forgotten we had changed timezones and it was on an hour before!
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