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It can be pronounced vike as in bike and then er. Or, pronounced as vick as in wick and then er. I like the latter.


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
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It can be pronounced vike as in bike and then er. Or, pronounced as vick as in wick and then er. I like the latter.

Kind of like how the Anglican Vicar is pronounced but with an e, not an a?


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I'm the hero of time saving the world and all that. Link - just need a Zelda in my life <3.


Si m'ait Dieus
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My name is Emilie, it means Rival.

I go by my middle name, Grace, in real life.


ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय
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Jai-Nārāyan, not Jain Ar(a)yan. Jainārāyan is the Hindi pronunciation (sort of jay nah rah yuhn) of Sanskrit Jayanārāyana (ja ya nah rah yuh nuh), “glory/victory to God”.

Whew! :D

Sgt. Pepper

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Or Dr. Pepper. Although that has nothing to with the Beatles.

If it has nothing to do with The Beatles, then it doesn't stand a chance with me. Hello, goodbye, Dr. Pepper.


Dr. Pepper's Carbonated Hearts Club Brand.

Catchy tune, but I'm not sure it would be a number 1 hit.



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I started High School at Edwards AFB in California. Half of my Freshman year. We were then transferred to Tokyo. The High School I attended was Narimasu High, Home of the Dragons and our colors being Blue and White. Hence the name Bluedragon.
Ten Military Bases around Tokyo at the time and two private schools. Upon graduating, I boarded a cargo flight out of Tokyo and flew to Seattle .....12 hours. Sat in the Co Pilots seat about halfway to the US. Boarded another flight and landed in Birmingham, Al on my way to Auburn University.