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Your ethnic background


No, wait, I change mine... LOL

My ethnic background... Bosnjakinja
My nationality... Bosanka



Heretic and part-time (skinny) Santa impersonator
Tigress said:
I am English, Scottish, and Welsh (Britannia), Irish, German and [Canadian] First Nations (Native American).

English, Scottish, and Irish.

I'm about as white as any honkey can be.

[I am ancestrally related to a Court Jester to the King of England, and that, I believe, speaks volumes to my prospects of wishful thinking in any ordained attainments of either power or influence over the masses of the great unwashed...]

James the Persian

Dreptcredincios Crestin
Rejected said:
I thought that Transylvania was modern Romania?

It is, or at least, it's part of modern Romania, the other two constituent states being Moldova and Wallachia. When it was under Hungarian rule, though, they invited Saxon settlers to live in 7 fortified towns on the border (which is why it's called Siebenburgen in German) as protection from both Muslim and Orthodox Christian neighbours, so there are quite a lot of Germans who can trace their ancestry back to the region.



tri-polar optimist
My mothers ancesters can be traced back to Ireland. On my fathers side not as easy. What I know is English and Dutch. My last name is English, I believe from the Yorkshire region, meaning "of the birch tree".


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Let's see here.....
1/2 Italian, 1/4 Austrian, 1/8 Polish and 1/8 French
I grew up in an Italian household. Even though my dad is 1/2 Austrian, 1/4 Polish and 1/4 French, he grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Bronx, NY. He's Italian at heart.


Veteran Member
If you discount the generations of Americans that have been here, about 90% German, 5% Swedish, and 5% Other. (I even have the Germanic big bones too prove it! :p)


Steel Magnolia
Cherokee, Muskogee Creek, English, Irish. That's my dad's side. I'm not really sure about my mom's side, but I've been told French and English, perhaps German and Austrian. Whatever, they confuse me. :rolleyes: I'll have to research them more, all of my genealogy stuff is focused on my dad's side. I guess that's cause his family is more talkative and open about our history. Which is weird, because they were moonshining Wild-Wild-West type people, and my mom's family is perfectly normal and civilized. :D


God's Nephew
I am Austrian, British, Irish, Lenape (native american tribe also know as the Delaware), Scottish, Scandinavian(not sure where)..in other words typical american mutt.


Destroyer of Worlds
I'm a product of Viking raiders and Irish maidens.

Additional flavoring includes black Dutch, Cherokee, and Syrian.



Active Member
Tigress said:
I am English, Scottish, and Welsh (Britannia), Irish, German and [Canadian] First Nations (Native American).

American Indian mixed with Irish...what a combo...:D