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Your ethnic background


Well-Known Member
Grandfathers from mother's and father's sides both immigrated to Canada from Ireland. Grandmother on mother's side from England. No idea where my Grandmother on my Dad's side was from. Both parents were born in Canada.


High Priestess
From my mom I got Irish and Choctaw, and from my Dad I got German and Cherokee.

I look very much like a Native American, my middle sister has all the German characteristics, and my baby sister has red hair, and fair skin, she got all the Irish blood. Same parents, but it's like the blood separated into each of us girls, it's weird.:rolleyes:


Active Member
Well now. I am White. English and Afrikaans speaking. My fathers side is French and Scottish. My mothers side is.. well... something strange.?!?.
But bottom line.
-----------------------------------------------I'm an african---------------------------------------------


Well-Known Member
Despite the combined research efforts of mother, a sister and a cousin, the rumour that there might be a Russian somewhere among all 100% Swedes (my most ancient ancestor bought his house on 21 November 1428) can't be verified. Boring non-mix.


Big Squishy Hugger
Premium Member
I haven't read through the entire thread. Sorry!

A lot of German, a little Irish, and quite a bit of Cherokee (you can really see it in my father with his dark skin color and his facial features). I have been mistaken by Latinos to be Mexican (one time a man swore that I was with my own features).

I tan extraordinarily easy, with dark thick coarse hair, strong facial features, yet with green/blue eyes. Strange, but I rather like it. :D



I'm actually a fifty-fifty split. Half Brazilian and half English. What a strange combination I have running through my blood. :sarcastic


New Member
West Indian (as in the West Indies, not the western portion of India), Seminole, Scottish (minimal), and African...don't know which country of Africa, since no one kept slave records.


Active Member
Wow...there is definitely a lot more people with a Native American geneology than I would have expected.