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Your ethnic background

wandering peacefully

Which way to the woods?
Neanderthal. Which eventually resulted in Swedish, Scott, German and English. They finally went on a trip across the sea on the Mayflower and now North American can be added to the list. I wonder about which migration out of Africa became Neanderthals. I need to research that aspect .


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100% African.
Then we sauntered thru what is now Scotland, Germany, England & perhaps Froggistan.
Then after we came down from the trees, we fled to Ameristan.

In Scotland, we were the "Gentle Johnstons".
You know...how the big guy is called "Tiny", & the bald guy is called "Curly".
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My grandparents were Jews from Kiev, Odessa & somewhere else, also Levite according to my father's line


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I was a blonde hair blue eyed little one who developed brown hair early twenties. I have north Germanic roots in my ancestry and typical Icelandic physical traits. I had always assumed my ancestors came from England until I did an ancestry search. It turns out my family came from both England and North Germany, some of whom migrated here to North America.


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48% Scotland
39% England & Northwestern Europe
6% Norway
4% Ireland
2% Wales
1% Eastern European Roma

This according to Ancestry. I was orphaned and had no idea whatever about my background until I was 70. I now have a family tree with 273 people on it, many of whom I have now met for the first time in my life. What a trip that has been these last 6 years.