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  • I can't send you PM's. If you get this profile notice, please send me your email address again.

    I hope you are doing well. I think of you often.
    When is your forced vacation over? I'm missing the one and only irascible stinker poster. It's a little too tame around here.
    I'm still here. :)
    I have no clue as to whether or not this post will reach you. Worth a shot. And yes, I'm still a stinker, when needs call. :)

    Perhaps new management will allow/accept transgressions of the past, perhaps not, but your concerns and interests are most appreciated. :)

    FB'ing this aspect of RF is troubling, but not beyond my capacities of adaption. :)
    What may constitute a valid message?
    The current software sends alerts when a new profile message is posted or has a response. But, the private message system works pretty much like before.

    Send me a private message and tell me more about your solitary confinement, please.

    We drove through Knoxville on our way north to buy vintage items for my business. Of course I thought of you, my friend! I had no idea your area of the country was so lovely.
    I was in Eugene for the game on Thursday, what a fiasco and embarrassment. They definitely didn't look like a #2 team and dropped to 11 and 12 today. Seems more fitting at this juncture.

    I'm still waiting for a match up between the Beavers and Gamecocks. Ticket sales will be brisk for that one. ;)
    A win, but an ugly win. Our O-line and D were lousy tonight and scared the crap outta me. Mariota probably had more rushing yards than anyone. Haven't seen WSU look that good in a long time and we got a lucky break by a missed PI call late in the game.

    I keep an eye out for your boys, too! ;)
    Semi-slobbering *mwah*.

    Oh my...I am really, really, really, very mean and irascible you know.

    Excuse me while I shake my liver-spotted fist at some passing midnight clouds now...:)
    I think we're becoming a very tiny and sequestered mutual admiration society (again).

    Membership = 2

    I like it.
    SO...you like when I smear poopies on my face is it? Oh my.

    BTW, don't be such the lurker. You are way to much fun and lovely to hide in the bushes like Donna Reed in a makeshift bathrobe :) Don't make me lasso the moon to impress you...
    I read most, if not all, of your posts whenever you're here. :) I read your posts even when I was MIA here for a couple of years. I'm a fan and that's the truth.
    I live in the world of dirty. Such is my lot in life.

    Oh well, come wallow in the filth when you are thusly inspired. :)
    Of course. You should already know I'm your biggest fan here. However, your haiku is poo poo.
    Watching religious genocides take place in the Middle East against religions similar to mine gives me a greater appreciation for atheists :)
    I CANNOT WAIT for FOOTBALL!! The Pac 12 has six teams in the AP Top 25 to start the season. Whooop! Have yourself a GREAT time. I hope it's not too hot. This southern heat is killin' this girl. I'll be watching for ya! :)
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