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Who is the moderators on this website


Think & Care
Staff member
Premium Member
I am a moderator.

If you want to report a post to a moderator, there is a button called 'report'. Moderation is done based on reports that are made and is by consensus and may take some time to be resolved.

Please note the rules of our forum, though:

RF Rules

This is a forum that has a very wide variety of beliefs represented. Simply saying something that you don't like isn't usually a cause for moderation. The statements you say others have made probably do NOT rise to that level.

Also, denigrating the beliefs of others *can* be a rule violation. For example, saying they will be going to hell may well be subject to moderation.


Pragmatic Libertarian
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Who is the moderators on this website.

Ellen Brown

Well-Known Member
People are saying God is gay and won't stop claiming that. And says I am wrong to say God is not gay

I am guardedly a Christian and I say with considerable authority that Christians have hurt and rejected me more than anyone. My family thinks I am gay and I have not been able to disabuse them of that notion. I am also sympathetic to Muslims. Jesus said, "If he is not against us, he is for us".

Maybe it is time to grow up?