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What Is Your Religion or Worldview?

What is your religion or worldview?

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Shadow Rose

I was raised as a Christian but the older I got the more I started questioning things. I didn't like the prejudices that I found in that religion. I also felt like I was pressured to believe a certain way or I was wrong. There was no gray area and there wasn't as much acceptance as I feel is needed in order to feel at home in a specific religion. I took a World Religion class and I felt like my eyes were opened for the first time. That is also where I found Hinduism. I truly feel like I have come home. I am still learning about this religion so I wouldn't consider myself a Hindu quite yet until I have a full understanding of this religion. I did select Hinduism though as my option because I do feel like this is where I belong.


The eternal optimist!
I voted Other. I'd say it's a nature-based NRM.

I might do a similar poll, but I'd use the four classes of belief instead:



LHP Mercuræn Feminist Heretic ☿
Premium Member
I'm a Western Left Hand Path Buddhist (Mahayana) and ordained Pastafarian. I voted Buddhist.


Nothing my eye, Something for sure
I basically take every positive meaning i come across as virtues and make them my personal cause to understand and apply them. I believe in universality, that one day all people will be reconciled to what is truly important in life. Not to say everyone needs reconciliation. I do not see hell as eternal nor is there a place like that. One day evil will be conquered. One day evil will no longer exist. Whatever it takes it will happen.


traversing the spiritual bazaar
Premium Member
I’ve been going back and forth between different religions in my mind for a bit now, but my heart belongs eternally to the Bahá’í Faith. So, since I very much believe in following your heart in religious decisions, I chose ’Bahá’í’.



Terminal Optimist Judaism
I am a Terminal Optimist. Optimistic, even if it's killing me.

My religion? I voted Other. I believe in Diversity. Diversity seems to work well in the natural world; I feel like that would be reflected in the spiritual world as well. Diversity leads to resilience in the natural world, and I feel like the same would be true spiritually. Also, subjectively, I think diversity is what defines beauty.

My World View? Life is like Pizza. Even when it's bad, it's still a little good (inspired by a movie quote).


Premium Member
I apologize in advance if your religion isn't listed, as the software limits polls to ten choices. I did my best to name the most widely practiced.

If your religion, belief system, or worldview is not listed, feel free to select 'other' and post below. Also, there are many religions or traditions that fall under the the umbrella term in the poll, so feel free to be as specific as you like.

Also, this poll will not close, so if your beliefs evolve and you wish to change your affiliation, you are free to do so.

I was looking for a ‘Right hand path’:hand:

Sand Dancer

Crazy Cat Lady
I didn't vote because I wasn't sure where I fit in. I am agnostic but also like Buddhism and occasionally visit a Buddhist temple and UU church.


Activist Membrane
Twelver Shi'ism :cool: My personal worldview and the way Shi'ism blends with it is another thing again as I kinda take from a lot of diverse places.


New Member
I'm a Heathen, specifically of the Norse-Gaelic variety. Heathenry is the modern revival of pre-Christian Nordic/Germanic paganism. I'm a staunch polytheist and animist. I oppose the folkish variants of Heathenry, which posit that only people of Nordic/Germanic descent can rightfully practice the faith. The Gods will call who they will. That said, my own heritage has definitely shaped my own path (my family comes from Scotland and are of Norse-Gaelic stock). The deity to whom I have the closest connection is Freyja. Veneration of ancestors and spirits of the land is of utmost importance to me too.


Well-Known Member
Premium Member
Voted "Other" as its the best fit.

On paper, I should be under the "nonreligious" category, but the combined influence of Marxism-Leninism, Philosophical Materialism, Social Darwinism and Atheistic Satanism/Left Hand Path means I have difficulty relating with most secular non-believers. So in practice, "Other" works better and is a more accurate description of where I stand.