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What has helped you the most on your path?


अहं ब्रह्मास्मि
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There are other things, but "most" implies one thing, and meditation has had the most profound impact on my worldview.

sun rise

The world is on fire
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Living: seeing where I go offbase and working on correcting those mistakes.

Jeremiah Ames

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What has helped you the most on your path?


learning experiences prior to finding:

How not to find:
listen to what certain other people say is good and true. oops that didn’t work
go to church. oops , didn’t find God there

How to find:
Listen to what everyone (EVERYONE) says, NOT just those supporting my ideas. whoa, insight into something I could not have discovered on my own.


Advaita Vedanta, Theosophy, Spiritualism
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Then anything that doesn't fall under the materialist's umbrella is supernatural?
I just used the word 'paranormal' in the colloquial sense of the word. Ghosts, sprits, ESP, OBEs, etcetera. That those things are real helped me most on my path in answer to the thread topic.

Stepping back, I understand that anything that exists is ultimately natural.


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The discovery, and then re-discovery several times, that I had free will, and thinking for myself was never the end of the world. I was 18 when I had that first Ah ha! moment. I was sitting in a bar with friends, watching them argue and drink some more. The entire point was to get loaded, and be of no use to anything, dull the mind to where it has little sense left.... you get the picture. I suddenly had the insight ... "i don't have to do this." and got up, walked out, and went home to play cards with my parents. Since then I've used that will to move mountains, so to speak. Will is different than most things you have, as the more you use it, the more you get of it. As some people here might remember,I once used that to take a one year hiatus from these forums.


Be your own guru
Buddha's 'Kesamutti Sutta' (or Kalama Sutta). Kesamutti Sutta - Wikipedia
"Kalamas, do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing (anussava),
nor upon tradition (paramparā),
nor upon rumor (itikirā),
nor upon what is in a scripture (piṭaka-sampadāna)
nor upon surmise (takka-hetu),
nor upon an axiom (naya-hetu),
nor upon specious reasoning (ākāra-parivitakka),
nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over (diṭṭhi-nijjhān-akkh-antiyā),
nor upon another's seeming ability (bhabba-rūpatāya),
nor upon the consideration, The monk is our teacher (samaṇo no garū)"


Dont repeat mistakes.

Realize that failure is the pathway/gateway to success

Don't involve yourself in unforgiveness

Don't chase pleasure, instead, learn to be content

Finish what you start

Receive each new day as a brand new gift

Close your laptop, put away your phone, and get a real life instead