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  • I was reading a thread I made from 2013. You posted "The famous atheist Isaac Asimov in his criticism of the Abrahamic concept of heaven, explains well why there could be no greater hell than this concept of existing as an individual infinitely..."
    I was wondering which book(s) he addressed this issue in.
    Thanx for the plague deaths vs economics frubal.
    And for flurbing Gov Whitmer's inconsistent policies.
    And for the logically dumbed down froobe.
    Did say $5? No, it was $50. Thanx for the flurbl.
    And for foolbring the 3 kinds of people.
    And for the accentuating vs eliminating froobing.
    Thanx for fruballing the cat which sounds like a meteorite!
    And for the protective hubby fruby!
    And for froobing the 20th century.
    And for the media coverage of race froulb.
    And for flurbing a realistic perspective.
    And for the questionable anti-Asian sentiment froobiment.
    Thanks for the two informative ratings in the "athiest-sceptic" thread George. :)
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