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Things for new people to know in order not to look completely foolish while posting in RF


Intentionally Blank
Yes, it's kind of cute.
newbiedeconvert said:
God's a big fairy tale, what do you think of that?!?!

Mr Cheese

Well-Known Member
8. UV has her own way of spelling & talking, just smile & nod

I think its related to Chaos Magick, Osman Spare (oh ugly devotee of Alesteir crowley who buried his love conquests in the garden, they were made of clay) and Genesis Breyer P Orridge....


Psychic TV: Hell is invisble, Heaven is Her/e


Mr Cheese

Well-Known Member
I have to chuckle every time a secularist jumps on for the first time and writes about 12 paragaphs on how the bible is nothing but a bunch of fairy tales and that it's time for everyone to accept that religion is outdated and nothing but a plague to humainty. It's as though they think they're the first onese to have thought something like that before.

  • Or that this can possibly sum up religion as a whole
  • Or even Christianity
  • Or that they seriously want us to believe they have spent many years, to come to such a well thought out, reasoned conclusion....
  • Or that our lives will be changed by such knowledge
  • Or that anyone cares...:rolleyes:


Resident Liberal Hippie
If someone is claiming to be the Messiah, they should not be wasting time in internet forums.
Get out in the real world and DO something!!!


Hostis humani generis
1. Not everybody here is a theist.

2. Not every theist here is a Christian.

3. Not every Christian here is a YEC who reads the Bible literally or considers it the infallible word of God.

4. Not every YEC here spends his off time standing on street corners yelling at passers-by that they're going to hell.

5. Most of our regular members did not get their world view, theology, or understanding of history out of a Chic tract.

Ok, post away.

Why is this still not stickied?!!!

The Neo Nerd

Well-Known Member
Post 2 of 2

Peterson's Rule

(source: FAIRLDS)
Does this approach sound familiar? Dr. Peterson makes an excellent point. Outsiders view particular religions as just plain silly, one that no person in their right mind would believe. But, in fact, there are many people--good intelligent people--who believe in that particular religion. I'm sure you have had times where you have asked yourself, "how can they really believe that? I just can't believe it."

The corollary to this is that even intelligent adherents of a certain faith may not be able to be able to accept the logical inconsistencies of their beliefs any more than the dumb ones

The Neo Nerd

Well-Known Member
If i may add one:

Quaxotic's Law of Double Enter:

Big fat blocks of text with no spaces in between them are incredibly hard to read and will most probably be ignored by most people.

In between ideas, add a line it breaks things up and stops all the lines from blurring into each other.



NYK's Philosophy

Be aware that everybody reads your posts and not only the person you are replying to.

Most times, this is a good thing...to get your message out there, but what kind of message do you really want to put 'out there'?

If you are debating with somebody over a religious matter and they remain cool while you lose your head and start flaming away, who is going to appear more credible from a religious standpoint? Who are the discerning readers more likely to believe and sympathize with?

Not to mention that you probably won't hang around for long anyway because mods will ban you.

However, 'looking completely foolish' is just that, and maybe if more people became aware of how foolish it makes them look, they would just stop doing it.

I read this once somewhere...

T = is it True?
H= is it Helpful?
I = is it Inspirational?
N = is it Necessary?
K = is it Kind?

So, before you post...just think!

Put yourself in the shoes of an interested reader...somebody who is reading the thread, but hasn't yet responded to it.

Will they see you as being a wise person or an idiot? Only you can give the impression. Remember, this is not Facebook.

/NYK philosophy.

*this should have been stickied when it was made. Is it too late now to pin it?

Karl R

Active Member
Vet your source.

In addition to citing your source, and providing a link, take a few moments to see if your source is somewhat credible.

Several years ago, someone posted about an atheist conspiracy against a christian book. They didn't realize that the article was written by an online tabloid.

Apparently Atheists "Nervous" About New Book | ReligiousForums.com

Even a lot of journalists working for credible news agencies will misunderstand or misinterpret the results of studies. When possible, don't just read the article. Take a look at the study it's talking about.


the word "Islam" means "submission" to God
Premium Member
Don't you have any other point about other religions ,for exemple :
Muslims , atheists ,....etc