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The last post is the WINNER!


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Police said they are working on finding the truck and driver responsible for the spill.

Police told WMUR that the spilled material appears to be horse or cow manure.

Well, either that, or someone just couldn't make it the bathroom in time.


It was on fire when I laid down on it.
I could stuff you into an oven and set it for [Rewarm]. It would be small, dry, and deathly hot…..just like Texas. :D

We had a long-standing joke in my home state of Alaska, that the state Senate was debating cutting our state in half, for no other reason than to make Texas the third largest state. :p
Your home state is Alaska? Too much wet and snow for me. I live in NE Texas where it's not dry and deathly hot, by the way. And Texas is many things but it's not small. Rhode Island is small. Delaware is small. Connecticut is small.

Hey, I may be winning something or other!
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