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The last post is the WINNER!


I go leaps and bounds
Where am I?


Daemon Sophic

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Must be because you live in Texas! I love the state, wanna go back.
I could stuff you into an oven and set it for [Rewarm]. It would be small, dry, and deathly hot…..just like Texas. :D
Come on back!
We had a long-standing joke in my home state of Alaska, that the state Senate was debating cutting our state in half, for no other reason than to make Texas the third largest state. :p


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This is how I expected cars to be in the future:


Now that we're in the future, it's somewhat disappointing.


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Another thing that was supposed to happen in the future: The end of neckties. Why hasn't that happened yet?


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
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Many years ago a friend rescued a kestrel with a broken wing. Took it to the vets who reset it and bandaged it up. My friend used his car as the recovery room with sandbox and a pile of straw and old clothes on the back seat. Always leaving a window partly open so the bird could fly off when it was ready.

Only it would leave. As my friend drove along the bird would fly around the car and perch on too of the dash panel.

He could not sell the car for 11 years...