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Longest Thread in History

King Phenomenon

Well-Known Member
At least in the sciences this is the longest thread that I am aware of:

It got to be so long that it was continued. over 60 times. And it had been debated elsewhere before this. This is a defunct site. It is the archive of that site. Each different "chapter" before the continued the thread, had about 2,500 posts in it before they started another one.

So good luck.
So how many posts? 150,000? Child's play!

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber & Business Owner
I doubt that I'm all that important on Rev's agenda, but I respect him as a living encyclopedia of all things Simpsons. He's kind of like a seminarian in that sense. You could probably ask him which season has the Monorail episode, and he could tell you. You should ask him if there is a shadow wolf in a Simpson's. There probably is.
Well, it's because you're a lesser known comic book thingy. If we knew what your are then you could be moved up in @Revoltingest's agenda.