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How many ghost sightings have you had in your lifetime?

How many ghosts sightings have you had in your lifetime?

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Active Member
I don't think I've ever seen a ghost, but I have experienced a faint whisper, and something touching my waist. There was also something that was stirred up during the one and only time doing a ouija session. Although I was younger and we thought it was just a game.


New Member
My deceased grandmother appeared to me about 7 years after she died. I was peacefully laying on my bed when she appeared standing at my right, in high definition clarity. It took a few seconds for my brain to process it, but when it finally "hit" me I quickly turned away and shook it off. I told my mother what my grandmother--my mother's mother--was wearing, a black pinstriped suit, my mother was startled. She showed me a picture of her mother wearing that suit. I'd never seen any pic of her wearing a suit, and I would never have imagined her wearing any suit cuz she wasn't that kind of woman. Just one of those strange occurrences that make you wonder.

Twilight Hue

Twilight, not bright nor dark, good nor bad.
Zero for me as well , but I did see strange things like shadows skitting about through the corner of my eyes among other unexplained phenomenon I encountered but I don't regard any of it as being supernatural or paranormal as I have a higher threshold and standard for believability.

Given the propensity of our brain along with what has been discovered and established by science so far, these things can also have an explanation to which I would apply all phenomena using a skeptics mindset, but still remain open to any information as long as it's scientific and is something that I can actually go out and see and experiment for myself if I desire to.


Ματαιοδοξία ματαιοδοξιών! Όλα είναι ματαιοδοξία.
How many ghosts sightings have you had in your lifetime?

One very intense and profound encounter of my (then) recently deceased grandmother. I was not asleep or high.

And 'ghosts' are just souls of the deceased. The Eastern and Western Catholic churches endorse this reality.