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  1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    How many ghost sightings have you had in your lifetime?

    How many ghosts sightings have you had in your lifetime?
  2. nPeace

    Truths in Scripture

    The truth about the dead is still questioned, speculated, and debated. I'm curious as to why, and where persons would rather go to get the answer to this question, rather than the Bible. Jesus said he came to teach the truth. (John 8:31-32) . . .“If you remain in my word, you are really my...
  3. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: The Afterlife

    After doing two polls on theological beliefs, a believers/skeptics poll and a religious/spiritual poll, I am going to attempt to gauge RF's stance on the afterlife. Instead of making multiple ideas specific to one choice, I am going to divide the afterlife into many parts and allow the community...
  4. questfortruth

    What is indifference? Is it from God or satan?

    No third god. Love or hatred no third spirit. Spirit is God. Spirit of Love or spirit of hatred. Good or Evil -- no third god. Indifference is hatred. If I will be in danger, you will not save me, because I am nothing for you. It is hatred.
  5. The Crimson Universe

    Ectoplasm vs Astral body. Are they the same thing?

    Websites like Wiki and Britannica explains ectoplasm as a white, viscous substance that comes out of the openings of the physical body of spiritualist mediums, once they are in a trance like state during seance. It is visible only in a darkened room/atmosphere. Once the ectoplasm comes out of...
  6. Iwuz Madenew

    Interested in your paranormal or supernatural experience(s)

    I'm very interested to hear about your paranormal or supernatural experience(s). This has been a topic of interest to me for some time. I've made it a habit to ask people I interact with if they've ever had a paranormal or supernatural experience, even strangers, if the opportunity arises. I've...