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torath mosheh

  1. Ehav4Ever

    Torath Mosheh and Translations of Jewish Texts

    This came up in another thread and I decided to post it here in case I need to reference it.
  2. Ehav4Ever

    The Real Circumcision Questions - At Least in My View

    Since the question about whether circumcision, of babies, has been asked several times in several different threads I have a different set of questions in this regard that I think hasn't really been addressed. For those who say that it should be outlawed, regardless of your reasons, how far are...
  3. Ehav4Ever

    Ask me anything about Torath Mosheh

    I have a bit of time for the next two weeks so I find this format a bit interesting. Any question on any topic. I try my best to be well versed in as many disciplines as possible. A couple of conditions: Depending on the question I will try to answer within two days. In all questions I will...
  4. Ehav4Ever

    How Torah based Jews Understand the Hebrew Tanakh's View of the Creator

    This thread is to address a question bough up by @firedragon . I will start off by restating what was originally asked and restated what was originally given as answers in the following posts. firedragon wrote: I would like to consult a Jew or two on this matter because this is a very common...
  5. Ehav4Ever

    "A" Torath Mosheh View of Human Suffering and Responsibility

    In another thread, well as a question I once answered on Quara, series fo questions were asked which I will summarize in the following way. Why would a serial killer be allowed to abuse and murder a dozen innocent children over the course of his lifetime? Is what ever created everything...
  6. Ehav4Ever

    Do Torath Mosheh and Orthodox Jews know who is a Jew, according to Hebrew Tanakh?

    Recently, a challenge has been made about whether or not it is possible to identify who is really a Jew. The reality is that among Torath Mosheh and Orthodox Jews there has never been a problem in identifying who is a Jew. The reason is very simply. The definition of such was first provided by...
  7. Ehav4Ever

    Is it true that Torath Mosheh/Orthodox Jews think halakha is complete and unalterable?

    In order to answer this question, the first consideration would be "What is halakha?" The hebrew term (הלכה) comes from the Hebrew root (ה-ל-ך) meaning "walking; moving towards a goal." Thus, halakha is defined as the process of practice, tradition, rulings, etc. that relates to how Torath...
  8. Ehav4Ever

    Davidic King/Mashiahh according to Torath Mosheh Sources

    In another thread the question was asked about Judaism's concept of "messiah." In this thread I will only be presenting what Torath Mosheh sources state on the matter of a future Dadivic king/leader who is espected to lead according to Torath Mosheh. Note: This information only covers what can...
  9. Ehav4Ever

    Why the NT is Historically and Theologically not acceptable for Torath Mosheh Jews

    Given that the various church councils were the ones who decided what material went into the New Testament and what information did not go into it – this alone provides a very critical reason why Torath Mosheh Jews and Orthodox Jews are required by Hashem/Torah to ignore such a text due to its...
  10. Ehav4Ever

    Simple Reasons Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus and Christianity

    There have been several threads recently where questons have come up as to: Why do Torah based Jews not accept Chrisitian scriptual interpretation? Why do Torah based Jews not Jesus as a/the Messiah? Why is there a divide between "Judaism" and "Christianity?" It is hope that in this post these...
  11. Ehav4Ever

    Torath Mosheh

    I decided to addres a few questions about Torath Mosheh here in this thread. It will make it easier to explain what the term means and why it is used in a number of Jewish sources. I am working on a video to give more detail. I hope to have it done soon. Until then this video may give some detail.
  12. Ehav4Ever

    Matan Torah at Mount Sinai

    A few years ago I started a practice of writing position papers to both a) prove out the things I hold by in terms of Torah/Halakha/Philosophy and b) as an easier way to respond to debates (especially when they were repetitive.) Attached below to this post is a paper I wrote in response to...
  13. Ehav4Ever

    Tools for Determining the Truth

    I posted this in a different thread and I think it may have merit to be analyzed on its own. One of the discussion that is common on most "religious" discussions is the issue of comparison of beleifs and claims. In this thread I will provide some of the various concepts and ideas I have either...