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  1. DharmaCatLamp

    Sharing some thoughts about unity

    Howdy! We like to divide the world up into categories. This is to simplify communication among other things. If we had to be exact with our words in every case communication would take a ridiculously long time. The issue is that the categories and meanings we have in our heads tend to not all...
  2. Exaltist Ethan

    The Pendulum

    As someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I know all too well the pendulum between depression and mania, and all the emotions that are between those two extremes. But this pendulum isn't about bipolar. I would like to discuss the risk vs reward pendulum that many of us face in our lives. When...
  3. Exaltist Ethan

    Brain Droppings

    I am titling this thread Brain Droppings to reflect and respect the great man George Carlin once was, and I also felt like it was a proper title for a series of ongoing journal reflections about my life. The title is meant to be as ubiquitous as possible, because one day I may have deep insight...
  4. MatthewA

    Your Thoughts on God's Will For Believers In Christ Jesus?

    What are your thoughts about these scriptures to seem to profess God's will for Christian believers? Do you believe what these scriptures found in 1 Thessalonians 5 have any merit to the life of a Christian believer considering it has to do with God's will for believers? Have you ever been...
  5. MatthewA

    Holy Spirit is Teacher? Bible Thoughts/Debate?

    Thank you for viewing, and please let me assure you that I was not sure where to post this between scriptural debate, and bible debate. Would there be a better place to put it @Staff Members if it is not in the correct area. May all of you take care, and have a good day. These are some of the...
  6. MatthewA


    This is for you: In this Material World : Have you ever heard about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls? This is a 4 part history of the Dead Sea Scrolls from finding them, and even uncovering more. At the end will be the conclusion. Hope that it helps you understand what the Dead Sea...
  7. Ehav4Ever

    If No Religion - A Consideration

    One of the things that I find intresting about debates between those who beleive in some form of religion and those who do not is when the word religion(s) is used as if the religion itself is some type of sentient entity. For example, statements like: Religions teach [fill in the blank]...
  8. Electra

    Our true source has NO sides.

    To put it to question. I believe the true source is of no-duality, if your so called 'god' only plays/ is pleased to those who they believe to be 'good'/believes in them - doesn't that show duality therefore a 'lower' facility in the overall? In this theory, the classical 'god' would be less...