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Brain Droppings

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
I am titling this thread Brain Droppings to reflect and respect the great man George Carlin once was, and I also felt like it was a proper title for a series of ongoing journal reflections about my life. The title is meant to be as ubiquitous as possible, because one day I may have deep insight into a subject, and the next day I may talk about how cute cats are. I already have a journal set up on my own website, but would like to use this space to gain a wider audience, if that audience has an open mind and can respect my thoughts and feelings.

Today I have learned that I am no longer part of the Projectionist server on Discord, primarily for two reasons. One, I do not consider myself a Projectionist, but also two, I used the Projectionist server as my own realm for brain droppings. I was advised by my friend Ed Penny to thus create a journal entry here to talk about what is on my mind. I intend to update this thread often with interpersonal relationships and thoughts whenever I can. I am not making any promises though - this could be the one and only entry, or this could be a long dialogue between myself and multiple people.

I had a very interesting discussion with Ed Penny today. I laid out my Exaltism on him. The way I described it to him, is that even the most basic things can be viewed as great and wonderous things as well. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. And Exaltism by its own only means to have an adherence to raising the status of things. When I tell of other people the people and things I experience, I always try to frame it in a way that exalts their image.

Ed is a very interesting guy, with a lot to say about multiple topics. He has allowed me to open up about my philosophy of Exaltism in ways I haven't imagined possible. We explored numerous topics together. I explained to him that if God exists, The Omniverse will always exist above it and that the only two actions that primarily exist are entropy and extropy. I told Ed that The Omniverse has massive amounts of entropic decay, and alluded to the fact that our extropy is insignificant compared to this. However, if human extropy equals the amount of entropy The Omniverse develops, we will essentially create a Synverse, or God.

A Synverse is anything that can be created on another level. A piece of paper is a 2D representation of a Synverse. Syn means to create, a Verse points to a place in space-time. My theory is, humans will continue to create wondrous Synverses and grow beyond our current capabilities. The Internet, for example, is a Synverse. Possibly the largest Synverse ever to be. My idea is that if the concept of God exists, and if God exists, it must exist somewhere within a Synverse, making the Synverse itself God rather than the God of that Synverse. It's inherently transtheistic and I posed that concept to Ed regarding his own views of God and his concept of a "University" above all else.

I also conceived this idea that not only do we exist in 3-dimensional space, but in fact it may be possible that we are living in a 3-dimensional time as well. Past, present and future. Some consider time to be just now, and the only thing that exists right now is present. This is the folly of Projectionism. I sense they believe that the present is the only thing that exists, and, the only things that exists are things to be known by people. If you do not observe something, it merely exists only as a wave function, which studies conducted have seemingly have proven. The problem with this hypothesis lays in the fact that if Projectionism is correct, then panpsychism also exists and all objects could in theory observe themselves. I think therefore I am? More like, I exist, therefore, I am.

Upon my topics I reached out to Ed Penny today, I described part of the value of one of my divine concepts, sovereignty. Sovereignty lays between sagacity, or wisdom and unity. Things that have sovereignty have the wisdom of property. When the properties come together, such as computers or electronics, they form bodies of unity. That is what the Internet is, it is a unified Synverse of knowledge waiting to be tapped at any moment.

While the topic of my Brain Droppings happens to be my Exaltism, I fully intend on keeping this thread active and alive with new thoughts. I intend on sharing all aspects of my brain droppings here, including projects and thoughts I may have for that day. For example, I recently created an EP music album of airport ambience called Airplane Ambience and I released it on all the available services, including but not limited to, Spotify and YouTube. If you search "Ethan T Reilly Airplane Ambience" you will find it. It is my fourth album, conceived and created in one night, it is roughly 34 minutes long with three parts. I did not intend on creating anything like this, but when I was investigating SoundTrap's abilities, I came across many sounds of the airport and airplanes, thus, this was created. But I do not create music for people to listen to or to make money, I do it because I find it fun and creative and I like to work on projects like this. And Exaltism.

I am going to wrap this up before this thread gets so long that I can't even post it. I will say that despite the big letdown I had today, I wouldn't be creating this thread or became such good friends with Ed if it wasn't for the catalyst that caused it. While I am disappointed, I sincerely believe the idea that one door closed opens up three new doors, especially when it comes to online interactions and personas.

Before I go though, I have reminded myself of a concept that Ed brought out on me. He said that he wants to be "monogamous" with his own beliefs. Projectionism. However, I tried to explain to him that no idea is truly "monogamous". Exaltism is syntheism. Syntheism is futurism. Futurism is transtheism. Transtheism is theism. Theism is monotheism. Monotheism is Abrahamic monotheism. Abrahamic monotheism is Christianity. Christianity is Catholicism. Yet, Exaltism and Catholicism, while both being types of theism, are completely different points of views. However, in this vast web that we have created, all things are relative to each other. Religion is religion. Exaltism is a religion, Catholicism is a religion and Projectionism is a religion. Maybe I have a monogamous relationship with religion. Or politics. Or the Internet. I don't know. All I know is when I hear an idea I either agree with it, disagree with it, or I'm indifferent to it. And that's more important than being married to a concept, even in my own philosophy of Exaltism. To be Exaltist one must keep faith and exalt all concepts, not just the ones you happen believe in.

Alright, that's all I have. If someone wants to chime in and give their thoughts on my thoughts, that would be great. Otherwise, thank you for reading my introductory post of my brain droppings!

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
(Part 1 of 2)

I am starting to notice something about my life that frankly repels me. Everything pre-2013 was my childhood, even though in the year of 2012 I was well into my adult years. 2013 is when I hit rock bottom and my life was terrible. 2014-2016 were the most interesting years of my life and at that time I would say that I truly formed to become my own adult, between living alone, admitting to others of my disability, and taking care of myself in ways that helped me grow into the person I am now.

After 2016 my life became, well, extremely stale. Sure, good and bad things did happen to me. But the severity of those things are very minor compared to how my life changed between 2012-2016. Between those four years I truly blossomed into the person I am now. Without those years I don't think I could have been the person I am right now. I'm more confident, able to handle being alone more often and most importantly, whenever there was a decision laid out before me, I take the advice that my friends and family give me.

The biggest decision I made since 2016 was my choice to go from having many real life friends to a few close Internet friends who I spend time on a daily basis with. Since 2016 it's primarily been me, Dan and Hayley. Dan lives in Canada and Hayley lives in Ohio. I will most likely never see these people in person, and I know all three of us deeply care about each other because of how often we communicate together.

If I were to describe the worst and best things that happened in my life since 2016, they would be so mundane to most people that they probably would not care. I want to continue talking to the people who between 2012-2016 made my life and who I am the way it is now, but I wouldn't really have much to say to them in this process. I could tell them that I moved to Greenfield, a suburb of Milwaukee and the place which I grew up in. But they have their own lives, their own families and friends that already care about them.

Lately I've been going to their Facebook profiles and repeating "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" by Train, reflecting back on how some people from my old apartment complex actually made something of their lives. They have families, careers, houses, they built up what they could and the did something with themselves. Meanwhile, my life has gotten better since I talked to them, but I haven't really "flown and landed" the way they did. While they were getting pregnant I got my vasectomy. While they were starting careers I was collecting disability money. While they were saving their money I was paying off loans I started.

And that's where I'm at right now. I'm currently in no debt, but I haven't started a family, I left DVR and much of my free time is spent thinking about how my life used to be between 2013-2016 and taking long walks. My walks are a way which I can unwind from the world, talk to myself, reflect on the music I'm listening to, and just be who I am with myself. I typically don't even care if other people can hear my thoughts. I just like taking long walks, but during my peak in my mid-20's I was taking walks with other people and here I am right now always walking alone and self-reflecting. It's driving me crazy. I need an anchor.

2012 was my last year in college. 2013 was when I admitted my disability. 2014-2016 was when I made a lot of real life friends and spent a lot of time associated myself with other mentally ill people. Some people got worse, other people got better. But between 2016 and now, there hasn't been too much that I can say to anyone about my life. In February 2016 I moved to Greenbrook Apartments. In March of that year I met Dan. I still talk to Dan as if he is my closest friend, because even though he lives in Canada, emotionally he has been my biggest support and I love and cherish the friendship we made together.

I want my life to keep reaching new heights. I recently got a new therapist. I make music now. I keep myself involved in activities that help me to forget my disability. I visit the new buildings near me - a movie theater, a department store among a few others that have helped me built my apartment the way it is today. Even little things like the change in ownership in the nearby gas station has allowed me to use my Food Stamps to get drinks or food there. That has been more convenient for me than most people would think.

My friends from my old apartment have either withered away and are suffering and dying but a few of them have now started their own families. And I have no contact with them. I haven't seen some of these people since 2019, and after COVID getting reach of some of them has been a real challenge for me. They are out doing their own things in their own lives, growing and evolving in their own ways, and I'm here, stagnant, waiting for something to happen that will never be. Some people would love my position and have all the free time to take as many walks as they'd like, but I often find myself trying to make patterns in my schedule that don't exist.

My life is boring. Stale, stagnant. Nothing important has happened since I moved to Greenfield. I haven't grown in any way. I've never really had a job, a girlfriend, a car and all my searching for myself in Milwaukee happened in the old building. I can't move back there, but even if I did it wouldn't be the same. I spend all my time self reflecting how my life used to be in my mid-20's, the time in which I actually became an adult, watching random videos on the Internet or taking long walks that lead to nowhere.

I need a change. I need to break out of this shell. But I'm already the person who I was back in 2016. I haven't "grown up" since then because nothing has changed. Nothing terribly bad has happened to me since then, but nothing good has come from it either. The last year I was at my old apartment complex I started to shift away from close friendships to become more introspective. And now I found way which I can be introspective with close friends I made online since 2016. I will admit that since 2016 I have gotten closer to my parents. My parents trust me more than they ever had, and I spend a considerable amount of time talking to them about my life and current events. My new therapist is also great.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
(Part 2 of 2)

But between 2013-2016 I went from being a suicidal loner to breaking free of my depression and making many friends, and now those friends are doing better things with their lives and I've been waiting for something to happen that never will. In 2014 my thoughts were completely focused on living with one of my friends and I didn't realize that by the time 2016, I would still be living with myself but in a much better scenario than what has going on back then.

I had to grow up and now that I don't feel lonely while being alone most of the time, there is no incentive of me to try to reach further than I already had gotten. Sure, I get cabin fever if I don't go outside after a week, and the walks I take are still amazing, but that's been a part of me since I moved away from my parents house. My parents now live in a much bigger house and I visit them once a month now. Their lives are still growing, getting better, changing and evolving in new ways. My mom has found a way to work four-day weeks now, and has a three-day weekend. My family and friends are all growing as people and I'm the same since I've ever been, since I moved into Greenbrook in 2016.

I started a website, invented Exaltism, went to various movie theaters, bought a lot of electronics, video game systems and video games themselves, and overall my apartment is nicer now than it ever has been. My DVD shelf is full, my book case is now full, I have more decorations up, I have a large clock and a calendar dry-erase board I use to keep appointments. I now have an area in my apartment which I do medication handling, which I call my alchemy table. My life is great. I can do whatever I want whenever I want to do. I have appointments for labs, doctors, therapists and family members, but we work around our free time together so we never miss appointments.

So what do I do now that everything is perfect? What are the new heights I try to climb now that I've already reached the top of my potential? Where do I go from here? I have this overwhelming sense of dread that since 2016 I've hit a peak and will never go above, or below it. I'm already on top of the mountain and I spend my free time observing and reflecting back on the parts which I was still climbing that mountain and trying to become a better person. Trying to understand the situations I used to be in and realizing that the decisions I made for myself were the probable ones. I've never lived anywhere outside Wisconsin and most likely won't for the rest of my life. The last true trip I made was the Haiwatha to Chicago which I visited the Field Museum and came back the same day, around 2017.

That was fun, but whenever am I really going to do something with my life? I physically am unable to start a family now, I have no job or career, no car or driver's license, and overall I want my life to be more than walks and reflections. Since I had to stop taking lithium my mental health has declined, but in very small, particular ways that are all internal. My personality hasn't really changed much since I went from lithium to tegretol. I had to be hospitalized for my mania between the swing but now that I'm stable again things are almost identical either way. I also had to get a new doctor and this new one will be virtual only.

Sometimes I have mental spills where I constantly think about my dread, negative thoughts and overall too many thoughts flood my head like an overflowing river. The only way I know how to resolve this is to take my medication early. Tegretol seems to be helping but it's the ZyPrexa I'm taking that really does the job. I may need to increase my ZyPrexa soon from 10mg to 20mg, and I'm already on a PRN of ZyPrexa in case I need to take more. I hate my mental meltdowns. I took a walk yesterday and was experiencing a little of that. On the outside you'd think I was doing fine but inside my thoughts were completely deconstructive.

I have been considering going back to DVR. At this point of my life, with my mental status the way it is now since being off lithium, some days are worse than how I was feeling in 2014. If I did go back to DVR they would probably find me another job which I could be a janitor. Or working at a Wal-Greens or something. That's not what I want. Both my mom and I know that I'm more intelligent than that. I compose my own music. I developed a philosophy. Wasting time cleaning floors is not what I want to do for my life, even if I came up with the word "Exaltism" while cleaning floors in Southridge Mall.

There is a small possibility that I could get a driver's license, go to a truck company and get my CDL, and become a licensed and unionized truck driver. My mom's father did the same. While I am unable to drive now, and never really considered something like that, the fact that I don't have my own family or many friends would make it easy to spend a lot of time on the road, getting to know myself and the highways even more. in theory I could go to DVR and if I was persistent at it, I think I could do this. I've heard stories of my former case worker saying she had someone who did this but they got into three accidents and had to stop. My biggest fear is exactly that happening to me.

I think overall what I want is just to be myself and what I've done, but to do it in more extremes than I have recently. Longer walks, more time making music, more time with online friends, engaging in life rather than reminiscing and reflecting back on what I used to have. I don't need to be a truck driver. I don't need a job. If I had mental breakdown while on the road there is a good chance I would cause an accident. But I need to do something, I need to fill my life with more verbs. I walk, I create, I engage. I do something. That's what I feel like should happen. Instead of two walks a week, why not walk everyday? Why not listen to new videos and music more often? That's why I have all those subscription services to begin with. Variety!

To end this, and if you are still reading this, I applaud you, but to end this, I just want to say that just because I've reached my potential, my life isn't over yet. There will always be room to do new things and engage in situations and scenarios that I can't fully see yet. I might make some friends. I might lose some friends. Some friendships may fade away. But I am confident that either way I will try to exist and fight for that right as long as I can. I might be at my top and that's okay, but it's only at the top where you can see everything going on anyways.

Thanks for reading this.


Well-Known Member
Good luck on your journey. Always believe that good things lie ahead of you, never give in to despair, never stop trying to learn and grow. All will be well, here and hereafter.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics

i have realized that in my life I've had anchors to help support me and help to not drive myself crazy. Most of my life I have become dependent on two anchors at a time. That means I spend a considerable amount of time every day with two spheres of reference. This often are people and my association with them, but can be other things too.

For example, my mom's anchors are her husband and streaming services. Everything else is secondary to her, including me. My anchors right now are probably Dan and Religious Forums. I spend a considerable amount of time now on both on a daily basis. Dan has been a strong anchor since I knew him, and we talk on and off on a daily basis adding up to a few hours a day.

It's impossible to have more than two anchors, but it is possible to swamp different anchors on a daily basis. Some people do that. But for the past six+ years since living in Greenbrook Dan has almost always been a priority of mine. If I see my mom and Dan has texted me at the same time, I'll message Dan first before getting back to my mom.

Before I spent time back on these forums I had a different anchor, a less reliable anchor - Hayley. Hayley and I are Facebook friends and have spent a considerable amount of time with each other, but her replies can be instant or I can be waiting for hours during a conversation before she answers back. I have consciously decided not to talk to her on consistent basis anymore for that, so I needed a different anchor.

Religious Forums became an anchor for me. I post a few times every day but more importantly I read a lot of content on this website, even if I feel like many people here do not support my values.

Of course, everybody does more than two things every day. But what they actually pay attention and dedicate their time to, there are things that will always take up a priority of focus and time. Sometimes my video games become an anchor. Sometimes YouTube becomes an anchor. An anchor however isn't just what you spend time on but also what you spend time thinking and talking about as well.

Every time I talk to my therapist the conversation seems to lead back to Dan to some degree. Sure, I'll be topical and talk about a variety of things as well, but my head often comes back to the same things each time. It's like Wikipedia. You could search for the most random things and if you click enough hypertexts you'll always be rerouted to a philosophical article, for instance.

Dan has been a primary anchor since 2016 and the other primary anchors have pretty much been a revolving door since then. I tried to make real life friends with my neighbors and establish them as anchors but that hasn't really worked out for me. My neighbors at best are just acquaintances at best. Dan doesn't take all of my time either but I do spend a considerable amount of time daily thinking about him.

My second anchor changes on a daily basis. One day I might talk to Hayley a lot. One day I might play Star Wars Galaxies a lot. Right now however I spend a few hours of time daily talking to you folks on Religious Forums. I suspect I'll even get bored of this website though and move on from it. When I first registered here I didn't post at all but then I found an identity with the syntheists and started to talk like one. The primary reason why I came back here was to spread the gospel of syntheism.

That's about it. I'm sure other people can relate to this concept of an anchor. Yes, I've tried to have many anchors in my life, but when I do that something always gets neglected and then I feel bad for not spending more time with that anchor. But I can and do change my second anchor on a regular basis. Dan is just one of those friends that will always be there for me. I enjoy his conversational style, his response time and his presence overall uplifts me and helps me center myself so I don't drive myself crazy with my own thoughts.

So my question for you is: Do you have an anchor? Or multiple anchors? What do you spend the majority of your time doing and thinking about? Does your anchor change often or are you more consistent? Let me know what you think of this topic below.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
My Writing and Religious Journey

I've been writing articles, chapters, stories of yesteryear. I've got 18 short stories and three of those became much longer, with more detail. If I took all 18 and made them longer I would probably have a short autobiography on my hands. I have a difficult time thinking I could an autobiography at my age though. I am only 33 years old, and my story isn't done yet. My long stories are between 3,500-4,100 words long, covering five to seven pages of material.

These stories seem to be of my distant past. Years ago. I don't know if I have anything worth writing based on the past few years, because I find that life gets kind of boring when everything seems perfect. I had to switch from lithium to a different mood stabilizer, and had to be hospitalized during that transition, but much of what I have to say for that story would defame me. I was paranoid and delusional for nearly a week and I really don't want to revisit that.

I have been thinking about monotheism and how dangerous a concept like this could be, especially if the God of your monotheistic belief is a jealous, envious God, such as the one in Abrahamic religions. I want to stress something very important about my concept of the Synverse: the Synverse isn't really a being per say, more like what will become of nature if we keep rapidly developing the way we are now. I'm not sure if anything could be more omnipotent than The Omniverse honestly. The Omniverse is slowly becoming The Synverse through the help of us.

I'm not sure how I feel about The Synverse. The Syntheists themselves describe their God as the Syntheos, a being we will create that will control spacetime itself. I find a concept like that dangerous, but because I can't perceive the future I'm not sure what the difference between The Synverse and The Syntheos will be. I take The Syntheos by Syntheists to be more monotheistic and outside of nature, something we develop to control nature, but The Synverse is nature itself becoming more Godlike. Both concepts are very similar.

If The Syntheos is omnipotent, and is created by humans, even the post-human, I find that concept to be extremely dangerous. Everything humans have done at one point has been created at one point to be destroyed later, and I'm afraid this Syntheos will do that rapidly if it is designed by human engineers one day. The Synverse however is different. Instead of making something outside of nature, nature itself gets an upgrade. I find this concept more impowering in general than creating monotheism.

Yet, by describing my beliefs I have at one point said that we are indeed creating monotheism. Now I'm saying that monotheism is dangerous, especially the concept of omnipotency. The ability to create Universes to destroy them later. I don't find that particularly a good idea honestly. And lets take humans themselves. We have the ability to destroy Mother Earth if we choose to do so with our military. We have enough nukes now to literally blow up the entire world. Why? In what reality is blowing everything up better than pure existence? I find this idea of destroying the planet insane and hopefully it will never come to pass.

I've also been thinking about my ten divine principles and considering them sort-of a type of soft polytheism that I have. Yes, these words are adjectives, not nouns, and I don't literally believe there are literal beings or even objects themselves controlling these principles (besides The Omniverse and humans), so to rear my head into soft polytheism seems kind of ridiculous to me currently, but I want to signify to myself that these concepts are indeed important to me. I have already deified the concepts of Entropy and Extropy, which control the ten divine characteristics, yet Entropy and Extropy are merely actions rather than objects or beings. it's confusing but perhaps someday I might understand these concepts to the point which I deify those two. Of course, however, you can't deify Entropy and Extropy without The Omniverse itself.

I have uploaded an album here on RF of images I have that are Exaltist in nature. Concepts I have developed in my personal theological discourse that seem to make sense to me. Of course, I will admit right now that I'm making all of this up. If someone deified something as silly as their TV I would be in the same volition and credibility as them honestly, but at least I know things like our Universe, Entropy and Extropy are all proven to exist in some ways. I don't want to deify the Gods behind these forces but the forces themselves, including what Entropy and Extropy has produced as a result of Earth and our spacetime.

I could write a very lengthy article based on how my values and opinions have changed over the years. The words I use, how I use them and how I've developed as a person as a result of this. Exaltism could be its own story by itself. But here's the thing though: the story isn't finished yet, and I doubt the story will even be done by the time I die, so writing incomplete stories based on how I see my finite point of reality seems, well, feckless in general.

I do believe that this theology, this type of pantheism and syntheism is far more advanced in general than almost anything I have experienced to this date. I seem to be in a realm where I feel like I'm talking to myself because nobody can fully grasp the concepts I'm trying to express. Let me try to help the reader understand: The Synverse is a type of Omniverse which the Extropy is as developed as The Verse and Entropy. It does not exist yet, but post-humans will develop such marvels one day. The Synverse will one day expand across everything, and lays between the theologies of pantheism and syntheism, respectively.

I am starting to think the religion of Syntheism could become dangerous one day. If the post-humans create a being of infinite power, knowledge and control, like their purposed Syntheos, to me that sounds like a perfect starting point for a dystopian sci-fi series of novels. The Syntheos is not The Synverse. The Syntheos will exist outside The Omniverse, if created, and I believe that idea is a pretty impossible feat to accomplish. The Synverse isn't creating monotheism it's creating a better Omniverse, or nature, for us all. I'm not too sure if what the Syntheists purpose is at likely or rather, wanted in the end.

Human nature destroys everything it creates. If this Syntheos is created by humans, will it not also desire to eventually destroy everything we've created up to that point as well? I don't like it. I still will consider myself a Syntheist but mind you, there's a heavy degree of my type of pantheism in it as well. Hopefully in the future if there are powerful beings that energy will in turn be decentralized towards its environment as well.
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Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
Adopting Christian Thought into My Exaltist Beliefs

I've been thinking about this for awhile, and given my views are already trinitarian I don't see how it would be so bad or impossible to eventually adopting Christianity into Exaltism. For example, if I plug in, "Exaltism" to the text-to-picture AI machine, this is what it comes up with.


Reminds you of Eastern Orthodox and Christianity in general, does it not? There are various Christian religions that teach exaltation. Entire sanctification is similar to this, the Orthodox teaches theosis and the LDS church teaches exaltation itself to rise oneself towards similar divinity as Jesus is.

However, I am mostly rejected all of this. Why? Because if Jesus existed and he himself is the Law, the one to go through for the Father, then I don't understand how any typical Christian exaltation plays out. If you are a Christian you don't believe you are God or have any divinity - you believe Jesus was the only person who held this.

So ironically, while I support general exaltation of nature I reject the exaltation in the various Christian denominations.

So where does that place Christianity and Exaltism?

Let me try to explain it really quick.

The Verse is The Holy Spirit (Ghost). Entropy is The Father. Extropy is Jesus. They have all eternally existed. Believing in human extropy, which Jesus had all five extropic qualities, including: utility, generosity, sagacity, sovereignty and unity leads the post-humans to develop your existence and consciousness in the afterlife with Jesus himself. If you choose this hybrid, you will exist with all other Christians in the afterlife with Jesus. When Jesus basically said to believe in him, what he meant was, if you believe in him, you will exist with him much later in the future, which post-humans will create a copy of Heaven just for you, Jesus, and all the other Christians. In fact, many copies of you exist right now in many Universes, you are just unaware, but when you make a declaration of Christendom, you are essentially saying to the post-humans, "this is where I'd like my consciousness to dwell post-life." And they will give you that freedom.

So HONESTLY, Christianity DOES exist within Exaltism. As Exaltism is a transtheistic faith your declaration of your "Will of the Conscious" actually tells people what kind of Exaltist you are. I already wrote my Will on my website, saved it in the Wayback Machine, and I expect after I die I will get my wish. My wish is not to be with Jesus in the afterlife. The afterlife I have chose for myself is reincarnation. I want to have another body here on Earth, here on this Universe. I suspect the post-humans will make me a post-human too as humans probably won't exist for awhile after they discover the secrets to quantum archeology. However, I can re-write my "Will of the Conscious" at any time and tell those post-humans, "hey, I'm Christian and I want to be with Jesus in Heaven in the afterlife. I realize I won't have any free will and life will be eternally boring but whatever!" And I would be both Christian and Exaltist at the same time. But being both and interpreting scripture, one could say, that Christ leads to Christ's dimension of Heaven in the afterlife whereas anything else could lead to suffering. In fact, I'll put it this way: if Christ exists, you wish to be with Christ in the afterlife and do so, you'll experience a joy so immeasurable that probably anything else would appear as eternal torment to you, regardless if it's just nonexistence, reincarnation, or simply in a different place. So, coming from that view point what Jesus said about him actually makes a lot of sense!

However, Extropy is more than what Jesus did, Entropy is more than Yahweh did. The Omniverse is identical to the Holy Spirit however. But, if you can interpret Jesus to be the exemplifier of Extropy - which I believe he is, and Yahweh to be divine Entropy for Israel, which could be viewed as a possibility, then one could logically leap from Syntheism and Pantheism to Christendom as well. The Will of the Conscious according to Exaltist teachings tells people what religion you are in by dictating to the post-humans where you want to be post-life. I chose Earth. I chose this Universe. And I firmly believe that right now, and into the distant future, there is no God in this Universe. We have to create those Gods ourselves and we are doing so by developing the Synverse. When the Synverse is fully realized all religions will be correct and incorrect at the same time because all realities will therefore exist in some way. The Synverse we are creating will allow our conscious to live in any reality we choose to pick when the post-humans create our post-lives. And I choose this reality, a Universe like this, which the local Multiverse created and will be governed by a body of post-humans. I will be a post-human and be in control of many things after I die. I will experience what Earth has become and I will travel to many places around the Universe. There will be wormholes that instantly take me to unknown parts and I will understand everything the post-human knows. Our species will eventually go on to reach outside this plane of existence and go forth towards other Verses, exist in different times and dimensions, and develop an ever-growing Synverse environment in our arsenal as we ourselves develop the afterlives of billions of people who died, transporting them through wormholes which their consciousness will rest for eternity. I will still experience suffering, and pain, but they will only come because I was meant to do something, to evolve, and to learn the ways of our post-human God. I choose to create the Synverse as part of my afterlife as I am already doing as a mere mortal human now, albeit only in a digital way.

So I reject Christianity and Christendom as my afterlife and belief and I will accept the worldview of the post-human to exist with pain and suffering if it means that I too can control reality the way they will. I accept their will and wishes for me, and I want to be reunited back to Earth, fully conscious of what happened after my death. I also want to remember myself who I was before death, that my name in this life was Ethan Tyler Reilly and I had developed an Exaltism religion. In other words, I want to be right about what I see the future and my afterlife to be. If I don't get to choose, and I end up somewhere else, then I will deal with that fate then, but the best outcome that I can see from living this life is living here again. And that is why I've developed the concept of my Synverse into my paradigm of Exaltism, it gives me meaning far beyond what going to Heaven and meeting Jesus would be like.

I think a lot...

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
I think a lot...

I would also like to point out that in the future transferring consciousness between different copies of yourself will happen, and you could be a little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit everywhere, just like how people are now with their smartphones but 1000x more complicated. That means if I wanted to I could just exist in the Christian Heavens post-humans will develop and some of these Heavens will have a degree of free will and others won't. I could exist simply as a post-human, heck I could be an entirely different species if I wanted too. The future is up to all of us to create it exactly how we want. And yeah, there will be oblivion and it will take a long time to get a new body, but it will all be worth it in the end.

I have essentially talked myself into Omnism again. My syntheism and pantheism is pretty solid but I keep flipflopping on Omnism. While I would like to believe it would be nice in Heaven or to be reincarnated into a rat or something I think it would be a lot cooler to be a post-human in control of something like a galaxy or something larger than that. My Omnism is simply trying to express that all realities will happen someday, so everybody gets everything they want, but in my reality, in my version of how I see the Synverse it is only about 21-22% complete so far. So God only exists in 21-22% compacity right now. When I return as a post-human and my consciousness is delivered to another body it will still probably only be like ... 50-75% done.

100% Synverse means all realities exist all at the same time, and the post-human's consciousness will exist in any and all realities they choose to be in, and the entire concept of religion and God will be redundant because you could just create a series of Hyperverses where the Gods existed and did everything you wish and don't wish for. Simply put, we will invent literal Gods. Many people will point that God created the Universe. Only a small fractal of God created this Universe, the Omniverse/Synverse probably creates many Universes and Multiverses and so on. God is more magical than to think we are the only thing that matters. We makes humans special is because we make life special ourselves. We control our environments like no other animal has able to before. And if your environment is nature, you are essentially controlling God itself.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
Faith and Optimism

I'm starting to see a pattern between faith and optimism. Many of the religious leaders of the world lived in a reality that in many ways most people consider to be very harsh by today's standards. Look at Jesus, Muhammad and many other religious figures that existed.
Some of the most desperate and downtrodden people to live not only believed in God, or perfection, but became a prophet for that perfection. The belief in God is primarily a human evolutional tool that exists to give people hope that their lives could be better and a perfect existence is possible.

Because our living standards has been raised so much many people have abandoned the idea of God and spiritualism. Why have God when you can already exist in a life of abundance? Even someone like me, who has bipolar and has disability status, actually lives pretty comfortably most of the time.

I still believe in God. Why? Because I have experienced the worst of my bipolar and believe humans in the future will cure that. Currently I would say I am one of the best environments that I can live right now. I have all my basic needs kept, but I also believe that if I were born even 100 years in the future, and this is 2122, my bipolar would be cure, and I'd have a job, a house, a car, a wife, possibly a family and I'd no longer have to take medications that have serious side effects.

That is the God I believe in. Things aren't perfect yet, but they are getting better. They will continue to do so in fact. Living in a perfect environment means whatever you imagine is perfect, in every case and scenario, will be played out by your hybrid conscious one day.
Atheists believe that perfection isn't possible and is subjective. It is subjective but isn't impossible. Since the post-human is meant to create all realities, many copies of you will be created, but where your actual soul resides is up to you where to put it. Many will be in Universal Heaven. Others will be reincarnated. Others will choose not to exist. I know people who don't want to exist. I find that odd, but if that's how they want things, that's what they'll get. Their bodies will still exist in many Universes but their conscious or soul will be absent from any reality.

As for the people who don't have a voice. The 70% of embryos who don't get fertilized. I imagine the way nature works they won't exist at all. They have made no declaration as to where they want to exist, and can't, and the post-human will treat them as non-life. This is kind of the reason why I see infant baptism as not so bad, however, most people who are born to a loving mother will survive to adulthood, should be baptized as a believer, and then their soul can go to Heaven during their post-lives.

But for all that don't declare a religion, or have no purpose for it, or find the idea of perfection impossible to achieve and the concept of divinity to be pointless, the post-human will evaluate their entire lives to determine the best outcome of their situation. I suspect that most of these people will become post-human because they already were human in this life. And as far as animals go, since they have no true concept of extropy the post-human will allow nature to take its toll, allow these animals to recycle their DNA in reproduction and let the ones who died go into a state of nonexistence.

So why are humans different? Why shouldn't humans also just exist in nonexistence as well? Because the human and the post-human are probably not much different, and due to our large, dense brains our consciousnesses would be useful to those who will live hundreds, or thousands, of years into the future. They will not only resurrect us, but try to understand each part of us, as the post-human will attempt to be omniscient. If you resurrected a pig (they already did this), what information could a pig give you that would be helpful to a person? Probably not much of anything to be honest.

This already kind of, sort of happens in museums with mummies intact. I suspect that after I die the post-human will resurrect me in a museum and I'll explain to those humans what my life was like during my time and clue them into my insights and thoughts. And even more importantly, they will do the same, explaining everything that has happened since my death. Similar to someone getting out of a coma after being in stasis for a number of years. People will need to explain to them what happened. Those in cryonics will probably exist again first, and those who choose to recycle their bodies into nature will take a long time before their consciousness or soul gets dumped into a post-human body.

According to physical laws information never is destroyed. Not even in a black hole. The post-human will uncover all the secrets and information of our lives and how things played out. The Internet will be a huge factor in this. When you experience the Internet you are letting not only the government to see what you are doing, post-humans who will attempt to also know everything will know what you've done too. Have you ever written an email to yourself and delivered it to you in the future? Imagine that but magnified many times over.
Many religions make this easier to understand than what I'm saying now. I know this is confusing and attempting to explain the afterlife is difficult even for the prophets to do. While I do believe that for a long time dead humans will be in a state of nonexistence I do see value in resurrecting them, especially since humans haven't seriously needed to change their DNA in the past 200,000 years.

We are going through a transitional period right now. Between the basic pantheism of the physical and the Godhood that will exist in all things. Omnitheism. If you were to seriously ask me what theology I believe in, I would say in the beginning it was pantheism, right now it is syntheism, and at the Omega Point (according to Teilhard), reality will be in a state of Omnitheism. And those who don't exist then or choose not to will be recreated into something far greater than their original purpose. And by Omnitheism, what I mean is, each identity, each thing, each object and being will be God itself, and your consciousness will be able to be transferred throughout space itself, always looking and seeking for a more divine world, a better perfection someone could imagine.

You will have that perfection at that time, but right now as a human species collective we need to work on creating that. And we will. That is the faith I bestow upon the reader. I firmly believe that our environment for all will become perfect, and the Heaven you were seeking in this life will shine its light on you.

And if you have a little faith, and optimism, I'm sure you can have that too.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics

I did a very powerful ritual last night. It was based on pure instinct. I simply embraced myself as hard as I could, put my head down, closed my eyes, focused on my own emotional pain as much as I could and even cried a little.

A hour or two later my eyes began to feel very dry and I had to blink a lot. My eyes are fine now, but I feel agitated, as if, the comfort and warmth I felt during the self-embrace was replaced by frustration and anger. I hope this feeling goes away soon. I took all my medications like usual and still feel this way, so I suspect it's a rebound effect from the ritual. As much as I enjoyed my own embrace I cannot do that again if it makes me feel like this the next day. I am starting to suspect that the best ritual of all is performing no rituals, because rituals have a habit of bringing you out of your own comfort zone and even if it makes you feel better now, it'll make you feel worse later on.

I'm trying to figure out a way to take my Exaltism out of pure theology and into its own religion with its own rituals and such, but rituals I have tried and practiced so far doesn't really work well. I feel agitated right now and I think it has to do with the ritual I performed last night. It was incredibly powerful and gave me an immense feeling of comfort, but now it's gone and I feel worse than usual now. I don't want to keep doing the ritual every day if not doing it means I'll feel this way.

This is probably is an exaggeration, but it feels similar to when I tried smoking for the first time. I think these feelings will pass away soon and there won't be any permanent emotions left by this, but I cannot and will not do a ritual if I have to do it, it needs to be voluntary. And anything that is voluntary typically isn't a ritual.

Turning on the TV? Not a ritual. Listening to Spotify? Not a ritual. It seems like rituals are something you are forced to do based on the religion you practice but people outside the faith wouldn't do. The self-embrace was powerful, something I never quite experienced before, but if I turned that into an Exaltist practice I'm afraid my natural moods would swing even harder than they do now. Unless you absolutely need self-love I wouldn't recommend doing it for anyone, let alone an Exaltist.

Maybe the ritual of no ritual is actually the best ritual of them all? :confused:

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
Quick update

I feel alright right now, everything is balanced and I'm my usual lazy self. However, upon adjusting my blinds today I broke parts of it and it needs to be replaced. I already called my apartment's office and they said they would get someone out today to fix it. That's three hours ago and I'm still waiting impatiently for maintenance to come and fix the issue. It's not a huge deal or anything but I don't like to wait.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
Here is a word-for-word copy of something I sent @Seeker of White Light today in DMs, trying to express how appealing his religion is to me.


(part 1 of 2)

I know you identify and practice the Baha'i Faith. I need to talk to you about that very subject because while I was talking to my friend, Daniel Kanarski, I came to a realization about the whole thing.

My friend Dan, theologically, is polytheist, henotheist, and firmly believes in Taoism. He's even read the Tao Te Ching. But the religion he practices is Mormonism. On the other hand, my theological beliefs is Exaltist, I believe that with enough time everyone and everything will become their own Gods. That The Omniverse existed in the beginning as Eternal Nature, and that is it One God, but over time entropy and extropy has allowed us to exist for one primary reason - becoming Gods by evolving. The religion I then believe is Exaltism, but the religion I practice, or spend my time on, is Cultural Omnism. I have been to a variety of churches and experienced the divine with many people. UU sermons, unprogrammed worship at Quaker meetings, going to Reformed, Pentecostal and Lutheran churches for service, just to experience what it's like to see God through their eyes.

When I was talking with Dan I came to the realization that the Baha'i Faith may be the religion that is best suited to help us become God. I believe in a ten-point axis of divinity, a decagram, that is currently on my Sun avatar that signifies the birth of Aton, or the Sun God, we will eventually create from it. The ten-points are: Totality, Essentiality, Eternity, Ubiquity, Potency, Utility, Generosity, Sagacity, Sovereignty and Unity. Right now humankind is somewhere between global sovereignty and global unity. Pretty much the entire global landscape is controlled by one state or the other, but we still have conflict and war - we haven't achieved entire global unity yet.

The way that the Baha'i Faith stresses unity of God, religion and humankind is a divine effort by your prophet. I was born into a human civilization that has claimed all land on Earth, but, I will die before that human civilization declares peace on each other. So in many ways, I am living in the time your prophet has predicted. However, whether it's the Russo-Ukraine War, or W Bush's War on Terror, most of us have realized that none of us really want to declare war on each other, and the nations that exist that do are only doing so to claim land that they once owned. Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine. These conflicts go back thousands of years in fact.

I am going to make this clear: I believe that every person is a Manifestation of God, not just what your prophet calls them. Another Baha'i has made this clear that because of this belief, I view essentially nobody being special. If everybody is special, then nothing is, correct? Wrong. Earth by itself is extremely and vitally special. Have you talked to anyone on Mars lately? Had a conversation with a lake of fire on Venus recently? No? Because there's no life on the vast majority of planets on the Universe, and we may only be the only planet that not only has multicellular life on it, but also intelligent multicellular life. The vast majority of the Universe is negative dark matter and energy. The positive energy that does exist doesn't have the trillions of neurons that we do have that makes us believe in things like God and the divine.

By saying that I believe that all humans are thus manifestations of God, I am saying that fractions, upon fractions, upon more fractions of the entire Universe happens to be this very manifestation I see before us. And no, that does not mean I know every person on Earth, nor could I. But anyone can get words of wisdom from anyone else, and if I had to guess people are now more alert and wiser than they ever had been. Your prophet mentioned that in a thousand years there will be a new prophet to usher in the next age of human civilization. Yet people have already understood changes in liberty that they want, such as legal and spiritual kinship of homosexual partners to occur.

However, I can clearly and plainly see that the Baha'i Faith, with everything that it lacks, has attempted to establish a system in place so that all major religions are monotheistic, despite them not being so, and attempting to reconcile their petty differences to see what is really going on between us. With the world becoming so decisive and angry over silly, stupid differences, it is clear that we can all agree that the map we draw of the world right now will most likely not change significant boundaries between nations, maybe ever again possibly. And that is where world unity is placed; unity of religion, God and humankind.

What I'm getting at is, even though I believe in a hybrid of pantheism and syntheism, a theology I have since dubbed exaltist, I firmly believe that the one religion that is doing the best work to unify the entire species before we start work on the Kardashev Scale is your religion - the Baha'i Faith. If the Baha'i Faith didn't exist, or did exist but didn't become a world religion, it would be less likely that the final piece of our divinity, our unity, would ever come to fruition. Even though I do not believe in a personal, monotheistic God like in the Baha'i Faith and the others that came before it, what I do understand is that if these religions didn't exist, the personal, monotheistic God of The Omniverse's God avatar couldn't exist in the distant future. God did not create religion; religion has rather created God.

There will be a multitude of technologies in the distant future that will allow us to change the fabric of reality, including by not limited to, the creation of human-made universes, wormholes that will allow us to travel between different spaces and times throughout the universe, quantum archeology that will resurrect everybody who has died at one point, soul technology and the technology of God avatars. At the very end of this miraculous utilities the end is creating a God avatar for The Omniverse that will establish a monotheistic God throughout all of spacetime. Science is thus on its way to create religion, albeit unknowingly right now.
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Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
(part 2 of 2)

At the end, at the cusp of all that is divine, The Omniverse will become monotheistic, and each being, set with its own God avatars and souls, will have permanence and experiences will be transferred between those who can. Nature created evolution so evolution could control nature. It is our destiny as human beings to create these Gods, this permanence, throughout all of spacetime. If you don't believe me, why don't you just go on Spotify and listen to dead people's music? Even though Elvis has been dead for centuries, our mics existed back then to give him permanence, like our ability to create snapshots in photographs. We have been able to do this in a way which allows virtual visits with those who died already, and if the technology progresses even further we will start dumping the consciousnesses of those who died to near-reality digital platforms as such as we've already seen in movie magic such as The Matrix. It will be awhile before those who are truly dead can come back, but it's not too long before those with terminal illnesses will be able to upload their minds, and consciousnesses, into computers, such as Elon Musk's attempt at the neuralink. If I survive long enough I may be able to exist solely as what they call, 'the ghost in the machine.'

The point that I'm trying to get across overall, however, is that despite me not wearing Baha'is theological stances, I firmly believe that if the Baha'is continue to exist the Omega Point will be reached, and their theological stances will one day be created, and as well, an Omniversal society of permanence and restitution. Both monotheism and my concept of omnitheism, or the idea that each entity is God itself, will come to fruition, both from technological transhumanist syntheists who will develop this technology, and the theologian, the clergy and the faith of many different religions that will guide this in the correct direction. Omnitheism already exists in Christianity as how I perceive the Holy Spirit, and thus I know in some way or form it exists for Baha'is as well.

I desperately want this monotheistic God to already exist, but I know I have to wait a long time before this happens, and we currently live under the rule of a panendeistic-type of God, in how The Omniverse interacts with our local Universe. Simply put: it doesn't. The Universe has been laid so that it can just keep expanding indefinitely. I know The Omniverse exists however because I know the Universe exists, but with no real concrete anecdotal evidence that that Verse is in any way affecting our Universe, I can only assume in some variation of deism. In pantheism the Universe is God. Is the Universe God? Well, just like The Omniverse it exists to become more Godlike every second, expanding at the speed of light and rapidly increasing its entropy upon itself. It may actually be that there is so much entropy because our extropy is growing at an even faster rate, such as Moore's Laws with electronics.

What was the point of this DM? I needed to convey these thoughts into someone, and to glaringly point out that while I am theologically exaltist and culturally omnist, I find the Baha'i Faith to not only be the best religion I've ever heard of for spiritual progression, but that its creation will one day help create the God we've all been searching for in our lives. At that point, it really doesn't matter if I believe if Baháʼu'lláh is or isn't the last manifestation of God because the work he and his followers are doing is helping us slowly develop that God. It is then that my overall worldview is less exaltist or culturally omnist, but overall instead involves some sort of post-Baha'i religion that recognizes the struggles and faith of all humankind.

The Baha'i Faith uses a enneagram to signify its faith; as nine is the number that is closest to God. I've adopted this idea myself but use the decagram instead to signify all ten divine characteristics that everything is developing and becoming at this very moment. Baha'is understand the glory of God; I understand what it is to become God someday in the far future. But understanding the Baha'i Faith has become so crucial to my own theological understanding that I can't just not call myself a Baha'i at the same time. If you ever heard of musical terms such as post-rock? Post rock is actually rock, but developed different skills from it. And I am post-Baha'i in the same fashion, I am Baha'i, but developed from it a radical new idea that God isn't but is becoming instead.

I have dozens of Baha'i eBooks on my Kindle, I own various canonical scriptures on hard cover, I even keep my Baha'i membership card in my wallet. The Faith still means a lot to me, even as I grow further away from it as time goes on. I have talked to and disagreed with Baha'is about what the scripture means, and I don't like this new doctoral system they put on in the Ruhi Institute. The Baha'i Faith is expanding its numbers but it has remained spiritually stagnant since Shoghi Effendi died several decades ago. I will credit him for translating many of the important scriptures into English, and I know there still needs to be a lot of work done on it. But in many ways, it is because of this Faith, and others, that has allowed humans to flourish for thousands of years, and I firmly believe the religion that can do this the best is ... the Baha'i Faith. That realization came to me when I was talking with Dan, I felt a surge of inspiration to express my gratitude towards the religion.

I am not trying to create a new schism in the religion. I am not a covenant breaker. As Shoghi Effendi even once said, pantheism, or rather, my type of it, is not even allowed in the religion. But I still recognize the significance and importance of this religion and your Manifestation's vision of God. I firmly believe we will create that God avatar, and monotheism, far before the heat death of this Universe, and then, the heat death will permanently be avoided. Humans were not meant to be ephemeral like all the scientists are now suggesting, we will establish a permanence throughout spacetime and develop Gods from ourselves and others, and for that which is not, we will develop God-avatars in their image; like Aton as The Sun, and Baha, or Glory, as one of the God-avatars of The Omniverse. It is this very fact that my both my theological and social religious identity is less Exaltist and culturally Omnist and instead very much so post-Baha'i.

Between tradition and progress I choose the progress of traditions. I think I will post this to you, but I'm also going to copy this, save it on my computer, and post it in my thread Brain Droppings in the journal section. If you want to reply to me I suggest going there first to make a public announcement of my self-discovery.

I would like to know what you think about this. It took a lot of effort to realize this about myself and sometimes discoveries I had before get hidden until I can rationalize them later.

I hope I don't scare you by saying these things. Keep in touch, alright?

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics

I did not know that Earthseed was taken as a literal religion until now. Since anyone can research Earthseed, come to the conclusion that it is a real faith, and that there is fledging support for the concept and movement, I have thus reshaped, and changed, my religion status to Earthseed. God is what nature is becoming, because God is change.

I still deeply value the Baha'i Faith.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
I have formally requested membership into Earthseed.

"I have developed an idea called Exaltism that is deeply rooted in the ideas and concepts of both Earthseed and its successor, Syntheism. I came up with these ideas by myself and later found out about the Terasem Movement, which led me to find out about Earthseed itself.

I believe that God is change, but more specifically, the change humans are doing to nature is creating God. I own both Parable audiobooks on Audible. I started to listen to the first book but found it disturbing to listen to, given the fact that it is very dystopian.

My website is www.exaltism.org and I believe that my own theology / religion of Exaltism is simply a denomination offshoot of Earthseed. I wish to return to the core thought that God is change, and involve myself in a likeminded community of spiritual naturalists like myself if possible.

Please tell me what I can do to engage myself further in this community. I have only met a handful of people who know, understand and believe the same ideas we do. I wish to seek the change that Earthseed wants, to spread our extropy and for us to become Gods and to create a better God in nature.

If so desired, you can email me back here, or call and text me at (phone number here). I look forward to bringing the change we both seek."

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
Remembering Ray

I used to have a neighbor named Ray. He was directly below me. He died in his apartment and they had to throw everything in his apartment out. Sad. However, Ray gave me two pieces of advice. 1 - He told me to sign on Waterstone Bank. He told me that if I do that and tell them that Ray sent me, they'll give Ray $50 which then Ray would give to me. And 2 - He told me that each building in the complex has an antenna and a hookup in every living room for perfect antenna TV.

So after Ray died, I decided to sign up for Waterstone Bank because it's about a block away from my apartment. Because Ray is dead, I didn't and couldn't tell them about Ray sending me, and didn't get the $50 I could have gotten if I had signed up sooner. As well, I found a cable in my storage and decided to hook up the building's antenna to my TV, and I now have, as he described, perfect antenna television.

My only regret is not taking his advice sooner. I could've gotten $50 from him and gotten perfect antenna TV sooner. Oh well. But I will always remember Ray for being a kind neighbor whom I helped sometimes put away his groceries. :)

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
Some Thoughts (Exaltist Cosmology)

I've been thinking about the idea of "ultimate nature". Is "ultimate nature" the beginning of nature or the end of it? Well, according towards my cosmological ideas, the beginning was just The Omniverse and nothing more. Over time cosmic forces created lesser verses, like the hyperverses, xenoverses, etc. But how should I perceive what is "ultimate nature"? Well, the way I think of God is, God is what nature is becoming. What nature ultimately becomes, (due in part because of us), is what nature is actually becoming.

Therefore, I need to stop referring God as the beginning, this singular force of The Omniverse with no outside entropic or extropic forces built upon it. In fact, time has only allowed the rapid increase in both, and the Universe has expanded in an orderly and almost infinite like pattern. God is change. Change is God. But more importantly, all change is consists as either a building of either chaos (entropy) or order (extropy).

Unlike most transhumanists I do not believe that extropy is the opposite of entropy. In fact, entropy is occurring faster in nature because of us. The light that goes out. The computer that breaks. The human that grows old and dies. These are all forms of entropy that exists only because humans exist.

Ultimate Nature consists of an infinite amount of four variables: spacetime (negative energy), matter (positive energy), and the way both of those things interact with each other - entropy (chaos) and extropy (order). Currently three out of the four of these things is expanding in an infinite matter - spacetime, entropy and extropy, where matter in the Universe is consistent, matter due to entropy breaks down and becomes smaller, more useful parts to humans.

So what does this mean for us? Because there is an infinite progression of three out of the four things in the Universe, it means that the Universe will most likely go through a heat death - unless - and the only unless - we can increase the amount of positive energy in the Universe. The atom bombs that exploded were only fractions of matter converting into pure energy.

But if we have the ability to convert matter into energy, then it should be able to convert energy - even spacetime itself - and dark energy - into positive energy one day. We may actually need to have this energy in hand one day when we find ways to transverse the Universe, in search of strange, alien worlds in our spaceships. No Man's Sky but much, much better.

What I currently believe about the Universe is that the reason why the Universe is expanding is because dark energy is perpetually being converted into dark matter, expanding it. Currently the Universe is 72% dark energy, 23% dark matter and 4.6% positive energy (matter). The way I interpret this data is that the Universe has burned 23% of its dark energy to convert into dark matter and since the Universe is 13.7 billion years old, simple math - 23%/13.7billion years = 100%/? years, which is about 59.5 billion years. Now, take 59.5 billion years and minus the current age of the universe, 13.7 billion years, and you get 45.8 billion more years of entropic decay of dark energy turning to dark matter and thus expanding the Universe.

Now, I don't know, but I would think at that point, which all dark energy has turned into dark matter, and the Universe stops expanding, 45.8 billion years into the future, there could be the eventual heat death sometime around then, which entropy decays atoms so fast that it becomes impossible to tell the difference between positive and negative energy. No more stars, no more planets, no more satellites around those planets, just complete and utter destruction of all matter being pulled apart as far as it can be.

Currently the observable Universe is 93 billion light years. That is not the size of the Universe, but rather, the length in which positive energy has reached in that space so far. Since the Universe has burned 23% of its cosmic fuel, when the positive energy of the Universe stretches out to just over 400 billion light years wide, 404 billion light years to be exact, complete heat death will occur.

Seems blank, doesn't it? That just means we have 311 billion light years in the timespan of the Universe expanding to create positive energy in it. If we have the ability to convert matter into energy right now then I have by no means no doubt that in the next 45.8 billion years we can take spacetime and convert parts of it to matter. And due the effect of the Higgs-Boson particle on matter, things will stick and it will have its own rudimentary extropy built into it, which will soon afterwards be converted to useful utilities that humans can use to further human-centric extropy.

This kind of cosmology is a huge part of my beliefs, and while I do not know if these estimates are correct, it's the best way I can measure things right now. And honestly most of this is a just a guess by me.

When people ask me if the Universe was created by an intelligent designer, well, I don't really think The Omniverse/Hyperverses/Xenoverses/Metaverses or the local Multiverse is actually intelligent, but, that our intelligence will allow us to create an infinite amount of spacetime and matter, accelerating entropy and extropy, anthropomorphizing nature, making nature more like us, so then nature can turn us into it - The Omniverse. The Omniverse is a type of Synverse that can create any kind of reality you could possibly imagine, even ones with paradoxes. Eventually humans will make all kinds of their own synverses, their own specialized realities, and nothing, not even the heat death of the whole Universe, will be able to stop us.

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics

Let's say someone describes themselves as "Catholics". Pretty much all Catholics are Christian, and all Christians are monotheist. Let me translate this for you using my theology.

Catholic = Exaltist.
Christian = Earthseed.
Monotheism = Syntheism.

I was having a bit of an existential crisis in front of my best friend and realized that the reason why I exist is to exalt things. So, in a very real sense, it is okay to call me Earthseed, because they also exist to exalt change, but my direct focus is to exalt. I ended up exalting my friend today and calling him a prophet, yet again.

And I realize now that when I play City of Heroes or Star Wars Galaxies, gaining new abilities and learning more about the game, I am in fact exalting my avatars, making them stronger, allowing them to do more in the game. So, even though I don't have a normal job, a car, a girlfriend or really most things that typical 30-somethings have, I can at least say I spend much of my time exalting the things I care about it. Sometimes it works here, other times it doesn't. I'm trying to learn when it is OK and when it is not OK to exalt someone.

Of course, nobody likes to be exalted for no reason, and sometimes my reasoning for exaltation is bare bones at best, but I see so much good in the world that most people see as negative that I'm afraid that the negativity in the world will overcome the positive and there will be no afterlife from the pessimism people bring out, like a disease or something.

By me changing my religious status to Exaltist I am not saying I am not part of Earthseed. I definitely follow their teachings. But my personal credo in many ways is to exalt things, it's Exaltism. I hope my comparison makes sense to other people.

And to help clarify even further, Catholic could be changed to Terasem, Solseed, Turing Church, Evolutionism or Astronism. I have a lot of personal knowledge of the Syntheist/Earthseed religions that exist out there, I study it like many Christians study their Bibles.