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old testament

  1. Philip Maymin

    Can you distinguish real biblical verses from machine generated ones?

    I'm running a fun survey to test machine learning on the Old Testament. It's ten random verses and you have to decide if each one is more likely to be real, or more likely to be fake, meaning, generated by a computer that has learned from the original text. The survey is anonymous and fun...
  2. ManSinha

    Common themes across faiths

    I am not of the Abrahamic faith but have been exposed to both Christianity (missionary school) and Islam (diverse multi cultural city) since childhood - and I think that I know some of the dharmic mythologies as well - there come points of intersection The Noah's ark story is one The return...
  3. W

    Any books in the list of top 10 books quoted by the New Testament that come as a surprise?

    Any books in the list of top 10 books quoted by the New Testament that come as a surprise? An overview of the old testament informed by the new
  4. P

    Can teachings of Jesus and Buddha be combined into book?

    Christianity seems to have become polarized. For example Christianity and science seem to be clashing; global warming being the most known example. There doesn't seem to be conflict with Buddhism and science with the dalia lama stating ''If science proves some belief of Buddhism wrong, then...
  5. P

    Comparing Christianity and Buddhism

    Recently have read about Buddhism and notice some similarities and differences between Christianity and Buddhism. One is love which is one of the fruits of spirit in Galatians and includes love for one enemies. Jesus said to pray for one's enemies and bless them. Also when asked greatest...
  6. Twilight Hue

    Why do Christians defend the horrendously brutal and genocidal God of the Old Testament?

    The god of the Old Testament is evil depraved and vicious demanding complete subjugation. Why do Christians even attempt to defend this, and then further say God is always good and righteous when in fact much of the Old Testament is choc full of God's actions and deeds that point to the...
  7. Twilight Hue

    Maybe OT cleanliness isn't exactly godliness after all.

    While cleanliness has oftentimes been touted and evidenced in the Old Testament as being something exceptional of note via God's divine direction for his people to remain healthy and long-lived, it appears however, God has apparently overlooked and forgotten a few key points affecting the...
  8. Twilight Hue

    The Old Testament. Have Christians written a fair portion of it themselves?

    As I understand it, 24 books are in the Hebrew Bible used in Judaism. There are 39 books in the Old Testament as part of the Holy Bible used in Christendom. Are 15 of the Old Testament books actually written by Christians themselves and passing it along and credited as being Jewish in origin...
  9. W

    Does Matthew show how Jesus relived the Old Testament

    It starts in greek with the genealogy, literally the phrase 'the GENESIS of Jesus' where we find in Genesis and in greek the phrase the GENESIS of the heavens and the earth around chapter 2 It ends with the proclamation of Cyrus having all power under heaven 23 “Thus says Cyrus king...
  10. W

    I like how the Old Testament closes

    It focuses on a handful of last things to drive home.... and the first one is 'I have loved you' Major points close the Old Testament as told by Malichi
  11. W

    Are there other religions that have a Job like story regarding suffering

    and moving from why God is doing this to who God is? How might they be similar and different Job - the journey of a moral man to a wise man
  12. Twilight Hue

    OT ritual by Jesus and his disciples is missing in the New Testament prior to crucifixion. Why?

    It struck me as strange that there are no accounts of Jesus or his disciples making animal offerings at the temple. The old covenant was still in effect because Jesus hadn't ascended yet and from my understanding it is taken that Jesus and his disciples were Jewish. I found it strange that...
  13. W

    What might we learn from Hosea?

    The 10th most quoted book from the OT in the NT and possibly the prophet who ministered the longest of prophets with booked bearing their name see --> Hosea and his family, a portrait of grace