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islam & christianity

  1. firedragon

    Getting stoned!!#$&*. Where does it come from?

    Stoning to death as a punishment occurs in the Tanakh and is prescribed even for people who try to convert people away from YHWH, and then when a bride is not a virgin at the time of marriage, and maybe we could say "etc". Well, the Qur'an doesn't have any stoning or Rajm in it whatsoever...
  2. Dawnofhope

    The Gospels in Islam: Authentic or Corrupted?

    Injil is the Arabic name for the Gospel of Jesus. This Injil is described by the Quran as one of the Holy books revealed by God, Including the Tawrat (Torah) and the Quran itself. The word Injil is also used in the Quran, the Hadith and early Muslim documents to refer to both a book and...
  3. Miracle

    The complexity of God made simple

    If you haven't checked it out already, you definitely should. This 8-minute video explains the complexity of God in a somewhat simple way. Great for atheists, Jews and all other faiths that find the Godhead confusing. Let me know whether you agree or disagree. God bless you!
  4. Dawnofhope

    Can theological difference between the Gospels and the Qur'an be resolved?

    This question is mainly for adherents of a Theistic religion. Can theological difference between the Gospels and the Qur'an be resolved? Let's consider the Surah of Maryam or the 12th chapter of the Qur'an titled Mary. We have the story of Mary and her relationship with God as she is informed...
  5. Dawnofhope

    What are the Key Theological Differences between Islam and Christianity Regarding Concepts of God

    Islam and Christianity are the two largest world religions. Both believe in One God therefore being monotheistic. Both believe their respective founders Muhammad and Jesus brought a Revelation from God. Both have books, the Qur'an and Gospels that provide a record of their Founders Teachings...
  6. Leonides

    (For Atheists and Agnostics) Anyone willing to do a podcast/ interview?

    What made you one day become an atheist/ Agnostic? What is your views on certain religions? What can we do about fixing the misconceptions about atheists and agnostics? Etc. (Feel free to write ur answers on the forum) Been wanting to do an interview on Skype for my podcast...
  7. Leonides

    Afterlife and Dealing With Death

    Just wanted to say to everyone here, thank you. I've posted a few questions this week on this website and everyone gave some very thoughtful answers! I had some great feedback on my last episode, and hope you guys enjoy this one. Recommend this video to those who are Atheist/Agnostic. Now of...
  8. Mohsen

    The Paul Williams Show?

    This has to be one of the most educational, funny and interesting series on the differences between Islam and Christianity available on youtube. Filmed in 16 short bite size segments and exclusively produced for youtube audiences. The series starts off with a good bye message to Christian Hate...