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  1. I

    Lost Souls: Navigating the Abyss of Spiritual Desolation

    In the depths of despair, haunted by relentless demons that tormented his every waking moment and stalked his dreams, one man battled the shadows of depression and loneliness. Each night, he faced the chilling prospect of malevolent forces seeking to claim his soul and wreak havoc upon his loved...
  2. danieldemol

    Demons, is there any evidence they even exist?

    Demons, is there any evidence they even exist? If so what is the evidence?
  3. Harel13

    Aggada in Meilah 17a-b

    For various reasons, I've found myself surfing the site's history in recent days. @Jayhawker Soule once suggested creating a Midrash DIR. I thought that was a cool idea. Normally I raise my midrash questions in the Judaism SE, but why not ask them here as well? Not to say I've never done that...
  4. Viker

    Oh, look!

    Dam it! I'm awake (again) thirsty and bored!
  5. Darkion

    Books about demons: Got recommendations?

    I am interested in Satan and demons. As of now, I have got the following books about demons: The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology (Rosemary Ellen Guiley & John Zaffis) The Demonologist (Gerald Brittle) Demon Haunted: True Stories from the John Zaffis Vault (Rosemary Ellen Guiley & John...
  6. danieldemol

    How do we know the Bible was not written by demons?

    How do we know the Bible was not written by demons? I know I know, because they don’t exist. But suppose if you believed in demons and believed that demons can impersonate the dead. Demons could have stolen Lazuras body and impersonated him, and the same for Jesus, or Jesus Himself could even...
  7. The Reverend Bob

    Ouija Board

    I like to watch fake Ouija videos. Usually in a group of young people will gather and pretend to summon some ancient demon by using a Ouija board, in them a person who either mock the dark entity and gets possessed by the phantom or the spirit will choose the weakest link amongst them an seize...
  8. Rowan McGollaough

    I need help/advice, religious dreams? premonitions?

    I wasn't sure where to go with this, so I came here. Just for context, I've never been a particularly religious person, never really believed in any particular higher power or greater evil or anything of that sort. I am, however, a very curious person. I've read the Bible, a bit of the Quran...
  9. Tazarah

    What do atheists have to say about incidents like these?

    Especially considering the fact that most cases like these usually have multiple credible eyewitnesses. “Police and medical staff document America's real-life possession: Official reports claim boy, nine, walked backwards up hospital wall and police captain was too scared to enter family's...
  10. Serpent Child

    Demon Portraits

    The purpose of this thread is for all Satanists to come together and share any portraits of Satan and Demons! We often see religious artwork and portrayals of religious figures in major religions but I haven't seen much of this in Satanism. I do NOT mean the Demon portraits from the Ars Goetia...
  11. wizanda

    When You See a List of Demons Do You Check Yourself For Them?

    Was just quickly looking up demons in Zoroastrianism to see if it has similar references, then just realized they're all character types that are talking about us, like all the other religions; yet I'm wondering when religious people read this, do they realize it is talking about themselves...
  12. SabahTheLoner

    Should the LHP DIR have a Demonolatry sub-forum?

    Demonolatry is different from Satanism is the respect that Satan isn't the patron deity of the religion, although they can be categorized as Satanists since Satan is an entity within Demonolatry. It's a loosely organized religion with many members being well over 30 in age. As the name would...
  13. Lappies


    Hi all, I want some advice on dominic activity that is going on in my life at this moment, i have been noticing this 2 weeks ago (long story short) and now i can see the demon following me , i can physically see him and a lot of other demons , and its like him (they) are tounting me and they...
  14. Aštra’el

    {Abrahamics Only} Are you truly monotheistic?

    Are you truly monotheistic? Please just relax and think about this with an open mind. Abrahamic mythology has an entire pantheon of spiritual beings who are believed to exist Above and Below and Within in a manner beyond our comprehension. In the Abrahamic religions, the term "god" seems to...