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The Reverend Bob

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  • Thanx for froobing putting more thought into consequences of attacking Iran.
    And for the William Randolph Hearst frubal.
    And for fruballing those pretend Christians.
    And for the idol worshiping frubing.
    And for flurbing the craziness of the pledge.
    And for the Letters From Earth frooble.
    Thanx for froobing people learning nothing from history.
    And for the thumbs up for the non-voter fruber.
    And for flurbitting restraint towards Iran.
    Thanx for fruballing my blathering away here in me 90s.
    And for the 30 year old frubal.
    And for froobing piloting a plane while changing a diaper.
    And for the need to feel superior frubior.
    And for furballing showing restraint regarding war.
    And for the peace & prosperity frubity.
    And for flurbing wars not playing out simply.
    Thanks for the frube on conservative party accused of 'fundamental' failure" over islamaphobia
    Thanx for the irrelevant comment frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like> rating).
    And for fruballing corporate personhood's differences from people.
    And for the late nite dessert snacks fruble.
    And for fruballing the "in" gods.
    And for the irrelevant to the discussion frubal.
    And for furlbing the complexity of intentional killing.
    And for the plumber's permission frubal.
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