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creation or evolution

  1. questfortruth

    Darwin's "origin of species" is Biblical?

    The author has written that the Supernatural Creator has made 4 or 5 original beings (using the wonder of Creation), from which all the planet's life forms have come. But today's Evolution Theory says there has been only one being whose appearance was random matter fluctuations.
  2. questfortruth

    Paper against Darwinism. Peer-reviewed.

    Please read and comment: Why Darwin was wrong about the tree of life | New Scientist read the name of Journal. It is respected journal. The best journal. Read the title: "Darwin wrong." Not so shiny in Darwinian world today?
  3. questfortruth

    Appearance and DNA mismatch

    In appearance, purpose, functions, and characteristics, a banana (or macaque) differs 100% from a human, and the difference in DNA is 0%. Are you being deceived? Dr. Kent Hovind. Why Kent the true PhD? He deserved even the title ``King of England'' because of the soul's pain he suffered. He has...
  4. questfortruth

    Why are we alone in Universe?

    Consider the Fermi paradox, i.e., the "absence of recordable life in cosmos, while the abiogenesis has to happen.'' The official point of view is that the Fermi paradox not only exists but is unsolved yet. Romantic people look at night at star systems and think that the sky is full of life...
  5. questfortruth

    Proof of Creational Science

    Why do we not respect the mind of scientists? But how clever is it to assume that there is a common relative (i.e., ancestor) between the flea (or a virus) and an elephant? Axioma is a statement that is so apparent that the statement has been proven by its apparency. Obviously, elephants did...
  6. questfortruth

    How miracles work?

    Atheist: "What are the particular processes God used to create world?" Christian: "There are functions of God in equations. I call them Virtual Terms. For example, the Newton Gravity F=mM/r^2 comes from the original Einstein Equations G=8Pi T. But they modified equations to describe Dark...
  7. questfortruth

    Is satan a type of animal?

    I have completed secondary school with Gold Medal, University with Cum Laude, I was lector and researcher at University, I am the author in Physical Review E. My last scientific-math results are proofs of Riemann and abc conjectures. My principle of paper-writing is "Whoever speaks must do so as...
  8. questfortruth

    Was Earth Flat?

    Now Earth is globe, not flat. It was flat long time ago. I have completed secondary school with Gold Medal, University with Cum Laude, I was lector and researcher at Tartu University, I am author in Physical Review E. My last scientific results are proofs of Riemann and abc conjectures. My...
  9. questfortruth

    Is YE Creationist Kent Hovind right?

    How easy is it to be the smartest on the planet, where science has proven that apes gave birth to the human race? It is very easy to be a genius when science has proven that humans are monkeys. Sorry, "primates". Proven that we are primates. It is easy to surpass the mind of all the scientists...
  10. questfortruth

    Facts in Religion and solution to Hawking's problem

    Facts: 1. The satan is very good at logic when it helps him to do evil. 2. There are two gods: satan and Jesus Christ. And a god can only be killed by another god. Therefore (from facts 1 + 2): it is impossible to logically refute Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Each person has two gods, and...
  11. questfortruth

    Fix to Theory of Evolution

    Humans did not descend from primates, because humans are still primates. Primates, in turn, did not descend from waterfowl, because they are still waterfowl. Fish, in turn, did not evolve from algae, because fish are still algae. And so on, until the very first simplest organism, which did not...
  12. questfortruth

    Is Dr. Kent Hovind right before God?

    We have not come from mammals, because we are still mammals. The mammals have not come from fish, because mammals are still fish. I see no logic here. PROOF OF FREEWILL: The fact that we were alive a year ago does not mean that we were dead a year ago. The fact that we were alive a year ago...
  13. questfortruth

    Is Charles Darwin a false, non-orthodox Christian?

    The Jesus Christ in view of Darwin: He used Death (one of the names of satan) to create the World and Nature. Is not able to create humans, and by far - angels, but only animals. He is not God, but a mammal (animal) only. Hence, Darwinism is not true (it means "not faithful") to God. Shortly...
  14. questfortruth

    How did sex start?

    Pseudo-science tells, that the first life in Multiverse was primitive one-cell organisms. There was no male-female distinction. How that has happened and when? This cannot be a million years-long evolution, because the very first sex must have happened in one single second: the female organ was...
  15. questfortruth

    "No sex" law in Darwinism

    If the Y-chromosomal Adam lived 100,000 years ago, and Mitochondrial Eve lived 50,000 years ago. Does it matter that Adam and Eve didn't have sex with each other? If the Y-chromosomal Adam lived 100,000 years ago, and Mitochondrial Eve lived 50,000 years ago, then the maternal ancestor of this...
  16. questfortruth

    On the Theory of Evolution. Is it contradiction?

    FORMALISM OF SPECIES and SUB-SPECIES the Theory of Evolution is parasitic on Creationism. But recall the title of Darwin's book: the origin of species. Thus, the Last Universal Common Ancestor is the original species (however the number of individuals of this very first species is one: LUCA)...
  17. questfortruth

    Why Multiverse?

    The living Earth happens to be in a sphere with N lifeless planets. The probability of this event to happen was P=Q*V, where Q<1 is the probability of life to emerge on an Earth-like planet, V=(1-Q)^N is the probability that life has not emerged on N planets. Hence, by increasing the size of the...
  18. questfortruth

    Monkey is 10% similar to human

    In 2020 AD schools classes they continue to say that the similarity in the DNA of chimpanzees and humans is 98.5%. But in 2010 they found that similarity ranges in different DNA segments from 10 to 98.5 percent, with a total similarity of less than 70 %, why are they lying to us? And where are...
  19. questfortruth

    Non-sterile Earth in sterile cosmos. Paradox.

    NASA tries not to violate the sterility of space by sterilizing its probes before launch. The Earth is not sterile, which means that the sterility of space is violated (after all, the Earth is a part of it). Is God to blame for the violation? God is "guilty" before satan because God has violated...
  20. questfortruth

    Zero probability for Evolution

    PREFACE, DIALOGS: Reviewer insults my scientific talents: "I can't make heads or tails of this word salad, tbh." To whom I reply: It is not different from any good scientific paper. I bet, you would say "word salat" to any of Dr. Hawking's papers. Provided, if he is not PhD and not...