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  1. The Crimson Universe

    Atman (of Advaita) vs Anatta (of Buddhism)

    What do the Buddhists really mean by "Anatta" or "non-self"? When the buddhists say "non-self", are they actually speaking about the non-existence (illusory nature) of the ego driven false-self ... (which the Advaitins usually call "Jiva" or "Causal-Subtle body")? That is the assumption of...
  2. The Crimson Universe

    Why use two separate terms to address the Self?

    If our true nature is One, Non-dual, Indivisible, Infinite, Eternal Reality, then why do some advaitins use two terms ('Atman' and also 'Brahman') to refer to this immortal Self? I mean it creates confusion in the student's mind. If I am Brahman (aham brahmasmi) then why not call our true...
  3. The Crimson Universe

    Hindus: Does the Self has a form?

    Below are some of the scriptural passages taken from various upanishads mentioning the features/form of the Self. (In Shvetashvatara upanishad 3-8) : 'In color like the sun' (In Chhandogya upanishad 3-4-12) : 'Luminous in form' (In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad) : 'Self-Luminous'...
  4. The Crimson Universe

    Is the Atman within us, is in any way, tortured or affected if we fast or do other bodily harms?

    In the 17th chapter of the Gita, the Lord says in verse 5 and 6 that those who perform severe austerities (which are not recommended in the scriptures) like continuously fasting for days or weeks, are only torturing their bodily organs and also ME (Vasudeva/Brahman/Paramatma/Atman) which is...
  5. The Crimson Universe

    What is Kshetrajna?

    Is it the transmigrating soul (Jiva/Jivatman) OR is it the all pervading, omnipresent Atman/Paramatma/Brahman? Thank you.
  6. SalixIncendium

    The Actor (Advaita Vedanta/Nondualism Only)

    It is understood that the Atman is the witness, that which is aware. It does not make sense to me that the Atman can be the actor as well as the witness. In your opinion and/or interpretation of scripture, who is it that is the actor, the one that makes decisions? Is it the jiva? Jivatman...
  7. The Crimson Universe

    Does Atman travels after death in advaita vedanta?

    Shankara in one of his verses gives the definition of jiva - "When the omnipresent Atman is limited or embodied by the mind,ego of subtle body, it is called jiva". {{Embodied Atman = jiva}}. I found this verse in a free ebook online and i think it was probably taken from his Brahma Sutra text...
  8. Red_Drag0n

    Two Birds on a Tree / Reflection Theory

    Here's an youtube video on the analogy of Two Birds, by Swami Sarvapriyananda (an advaitin monk). Here, he compares the tree with our physical body, and the two birds as our atmans. He says that there's actually one bird/atman within us and not two as the dualists claim. By using the two bird...
  9. Red_Drag0n

    Advaita : Did Brahman split into multiple souls?

    Hey guys, i'm having some difficulty understanding a few things while going through the sixth chapter of Chandogya Upanishad, where Sage Aruni AKA Uddalaka was teaching his son Swetaketu about Brahman. Below i'm quoting the first few verses from chapter six, where Brahman willed to become many...
  10. SalixIncendium

    Your 'True Nature'

    What do you consider to be your true nature? Is there more to you than just mind and body? Who or what are you in the simplest terms? Is your true nature immortal or mortal? If it's mortal, when was its beginning and when is it's end?
  11. SalixIncendium

    Experiencing... Who, What, and Why?

    “Anything that is not a living experience for you is just a fairy tale, isn't it so?” ~ Sadhguru What does your religion/belief structure or personal knowledge tell you about your true nature, who you actually are, if anything, beyond the body and mind? Do the experiences of others have any...
  12. atanu

    Advaitins and Hindus: Viveka Chudamani of Shankaracharya

    Hello Aupmanyav. So, Shankara is your Guru? But I see that Shankara's teachings and your beliefs clash head-on. In Viveka Chudamani, wherefrom the advaitic "Brahma satyam, jagan-mithya, jeevo Brahmaiva na parah" (Brahman is the Truth. Jiva is none other than the Brahman) comes, its author Shri...