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  1. zacariah88

    Do angels have wings ? Or did we paint it on them ?

    The bible refers that malakim is the way how Judaism called angels, the word angel comes from the word “Angelos” greek meaning messenger truth be told they are powerful beings and the order how angels were portay by the catholic church are wrong. The catholic portays them as human and child-like...
  2. questfortruth

    No fireworks in New York?

    Will there be a holiday and fireworks in New York? Or will it not? Are the authorities canceling all holidays, will there be deathly silence? The more unbearable life is, the richer the holiday has to be and the brighter the fireworks. They say, condemningly: "a feast during the plague." But you...
  3. L

    Did I see an angel or something else?

    Hello, I'm looking for a religious perspective on a vision I saw when I was a child, that I have been unable to find out more about. Although Christened, I do not know the Bible in detail and I wonder whether it might hold clues? I was very upset when I was at least 8 years old, crying in my...
  4. questfortruth

    Is satan a type of animal?

    I have completed secondary school with Gold Medal, University with Cum Laude, I was lector and researcher at University, I am the author in Physical Review E. My last scientific-math results are proofs of Riemann and abc conjectures. My principle of paper-writing is "Whoever speaks must do so as...
  5. questfortruth

    Atheism is World without Angels

    In the world without angels, The destruction in near (song "Moment of Peace", Gregorian). There are people exactly like angels in Theism. Hence, atheism denies the existence of extremely good people, extraordinary good people. In atheism, there is a grey, indistinguishable mob olnly.
  6. Teritos

    Is this ANGEL Yahweh himself?

    Some Jews claim that the ANGEL of the Lord is not God Himself, but a created angel. But the Bible gives clear hints that this angel is not an usual angel. There is a difference between an angel and the Angel of the Lord, The Angel of the Lord is the only angel appearing continually throughout...
  7. questfortruth

    Dark Matter is found+ God

    INTRODUCTION: Because dark matter has not yet been observed directly, if it exists, it must barely interact with ordinary baryonic matter and radiation, except through gravity. Most dark matter is thought to be non-baryonic; it may be composed of some as-yet-undiscovered subatomic particles...
  8. questfortruth

    How fast is angel of death?

    INTRODUCTION to the luminal speed realm: MY CONTRIBUTION: The saints are not going to hell. And it is always not good to murder a saint. Thus, the doctors must not murder their own patients, even if they suffer very much. Dear brother in arms, Death is the name of satan (because the evil...
  9. questfortruth

    Living Vs. Nonliving and Visible Vs. Invisible. Classification.

    Living visible matter - animals, plants. Nonliving visible matter - stones. Living invisible matter - soul, angels. Nonliving invisible matter - Dark Matter, Dark Energy. Objection: "Dark Matter is visible via Gravitational Interaction" Dark matter is invisible because it does not emit or...
  10. Abdemem

    The purpose of Life

    When we look closer to the holy quran, and serach to understand the divine message in the holly text, anyone will surely discover so many wonderful facts which may change his life: Please be patient to hear the presentation of Pr Jeffrey Lang, an eminent American Mathematic Professor and his...
  11. L

    Archangel Michael.

    I am researching the Archangel Michael and am trying to find the earliest image that exists of him. If anyone has any idea please let me know. Thank you. P.S: Also looking for what may be considered the most famous stain glass image of Michael too.
  12. DaniëlsVisions

    My encounter with the Supernatural as Buddhist.

    I am sorry. Today i witnessed the hearts of men. I am sickened by how some people are. Perhaps i have something of great importance to bring science and religion together. Unfortunately. From what i saw this night. Something so enormously heartless. Something so disgustingly vile. I need to...